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AstraZeneca Vaccine kills BBC Presenter

A BBC presenter has sadly died after developing blood clots due to the AstraZeneca viral vector jab.

BBC presenter Lisa Shaw became seriously ill just a few days after having the AstraZeneca jab and ended up in Royal Victoria Infirmary’s intensive care unit due to blood clots and bleeding on the brain.

In a statement, the 44-year-old’s family said that Lisa “developed severe headaches a week after receiving her AstraZeneca vaccine and fell seriously ill a few days later.

“She was treated by the RVI’s [Royal Victoria Infirmary] intensive care team for blood clots and bleeding in her head.

“Tragically she passed away, surrounded by her family, on Friday afternoon. We are devastated and there is a Lisa-shaped hole in our lives that can never be filled. We will love and miss her always.

“It’s been a huge comfort to see how loved she was by everyone whose lives she touched, and we ask for privacy at this time to allow us to grieve as a family.”

The BBC Radio Newcastle presenter was not known to have any underlying health problems.

Ms Shaw joined BBC Radio Newcastle in 2016 as a daytime presenter. Her voice was well-known in the north-east of England where she had also had a successful career in commercial radio.

An MHRA spokesperson said: “We are saddened to hear about the death of Lisa Shaw and our thoughts are with her family.

“As with any serious suspected adverse reaction, reports with a fatal outcome are fully evaluated by the MHRA, including an assessment of post-mortem details if available.

“Our detailed and rigorous review into reports of blood clots occurring together with thrombocytopenia is ongoing.”

A distinctive type of blood clot is a known side effect of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

They are called cerebral venous sinus thromboses (CVSTs) and what makes them unusual is people often have low levels of platelets (the raw materials of clot) in their blood.

We’re not so sure the MHRA is as in-depth in their evaluations of fatal outcomes as they claim, considering the fact the latest update on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines reported to the MHRA shows that there have been 1,213 reports of death due to the jabs as of the 19th May, alongside a shocking array of strokes caused by the Pfizer jab and AstraZeneca jab which have developed because of blood clots.

Do you think this will be enough for the BBC to stand up and take notice of the misery these experimental vaccines are really causing? We doubt it.

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6 months ago

Those who live by misinformation die by misinformation. Clearly as the BBC is such a huge bloated propaganda outfit she won’t be the last by a long long way.

No one should be taking these poisons.

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
6 months ago

They are “Experimental Test Vaccines”, after all and one must expect breakages from time to time, after all, if nobody died they would not be “Test Vaccines” would they?
Interestingly, it has been reported that the test vaccine makers are not trying to improve on their test vaccines, because they can’t get prosecuted for the results, so no incentive to do so, is there?
Big Bucks for Jam and nobody can prove if they work or not in the longer term.
Do my Achilles Heel, free, salt water cure on Coronavirus and keep yourself safe that way, before it is allowed to become Covid anything.

6 months ago

he/she who kills by misinforming must be killed by the same misinformation.

Last edited 6 months ago by Fred
6 months ago

They won’t give a rats She wasnt famous and even if she was ,she wasnt important like Sir Jimmy Saville .Look at all the news about him and he still is a Knight .Says it all .Her death, they wont give a toss ” were all disposable to them ” QE2

Reply to  Annonymous
6 months ago

And they at the BBC loathed Cilla Black because she knew her power and they called her ” Madame” with contempt in their voices because she outsmarted them and she lived in Westminster in a posh flat with a lift that opened directly in her place .She didnt fall down .

Last edited 6 months ago by Annonymous
6 months ago

If you think the mhra cares about anybody (but themselves), think again. See link for a good example:

Reply to  Sue
6 months ago

See which is explosive. Bless all who resist this insane narrative.

Reply to  Sue
6 months ago

In the above link ( look at “Common Law”. It is amazing.

6 months ago

[…] is er niet zo zeker van dat de Britse medicijnregelgever MHRA zo diepgaand is in hun evaluaties van fatale uitkomsten als ze beweren, gezien het feit dat de laatste update over bijwerkingen van de Covid-vaccins die aan de MHRA zijn gemeld, laat zien dat er in Engeland vanaf 19 mei 1.213 meldingen zijn geweest van overlijden als gevolg van de injecties, naast een schokkende reeks beroertes die zijn veroorzaakt door de Pfizer-prik en AstraZeneca-prik die zijn ontstaan als gevolg van bloedstolsels. […]

6 months ago

They took her death seriously but ignore 99.99% of the rest. must be because she she was an employee of the corrupt Gates link BBC