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Vaccine Watchdog Won’t Admit The Covid-19 Jabs Cause Period Irregularities Despite 4,000 Women Reporting Problems

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Source: Reddit
Over 4,000 women have reported period irregularities post-vaccination, however, it is believed there are many more who have not reported their experiences to Yellow Card.

Thousands of women have been reporting period problems after they received the Covid-19 vaccine and are now being monitored by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

4,000 women have reported changes in their menstrual cycle after getting their Covid jab, particularly among those aged 30 to 49.

Figures obtained by The Sunday Times show that 2,734 repots of period problems after the AstraZeneca vaccine was made to the MHRA up to May 17th, a further 1,158 were related to the Pfizer jab, and 66 were linked to the Moderna vaccine.

The period side effects primarily include heavier than normal bleeding and other irregularities, which are believed to have affected more women who have not reported their experience.

Despite over 4,000 women reporting these issues post-vaccination, doctors have said that there is “no increased risk” of period problems after the jab so there is no reason to add it to the growing list of side effects.

Victoria Male, a reproductive immunologist at Imeprial College London, said: “It’s definitely true that not everyone will be reporting any menstrual changes they have noticed to Yellow Card [the MHRA’s scheme for people to report suspected side effects] simply because not everyone knows that it exists and that they can file a report.

“Lots of people have contacted me to tell me about changes in their periods following vaccination.

“The kinds of things they are telling me about, mostly periods that are heavier or later than usual, are very similar to the reports we are seeing in Yellow Card.”

One woman, Katie Khan, 39, from London said that after she had her first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine her periods became very irregular.

She said that her period became much heavier than usual, much more painful, and lasted longer, describing the experience as “menstrual flooding.”

Despite the thousands of reports to Yellow Card, the MHRA does not believe that there are any risks or impacts on menstruation post-vaccination.

Sarah Branch, MHRA’s director of vigilance and risk management of medicines, said that the reports do not suggest an increased risk, following vaccination, with the UK’s three Covid-19 vaccines.

She said: “The number of reports is low in relation to the number of women who have had the vaccine to date and the background rate of menstrual disorders generally.”

The MHRA said that they are continuing to closely monitor the reports.

Doctors are urging women to contact their GP if they notice any “unusual bleeding” after they have been vaccinated, adding that the side effects should not deter them from having the vaccine.

This is simply another situation where the jab is causing harm, and those responsible for rolling out the experimental vaccine are trying to sweep these cases under the carpet.

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5 months ago

Make sure you contact your doctor, so we can ignore you and tell you it’s perfectly normal for things to be abnormal

Reply to  Alan
5 months ago

In tbe present laboratory of things it is People normally eat a regular diet dictated by seasonal food availability for a start Not anymore A varied diet isnt necessarily healthy at all A routine diet most likely is Of seasonal foods grown locally .Abnormality isnt correct ,but it is normal now .It makes profits in many ways .Any honest dr will tell you that any sudden changes in diet will cause ill health and rheyve jbiwn it for centuries.When the allies liberated prisoners if war at the conclusion of ww2 they gave out canned food Anyone educated knows that’s a deadly choice and yes they killed lots and lots with kindness They do that in many ways They’re very creative .

Last edited 5 months ago by Annonymous
5 months ago

Then the “Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA”). is NOT a ‘vaccine’ watchdog at all … the narrative, like all narratives, is false.

Reply to  val
5 months ago

Yes Almost every narrative promoted in the public domain, apart from the date and time, is false Absolutely .

5 months ago

On average only 1% of people “report” their complications…
Ming Blowing

Reply to  KB
5 months ago

Dead people have trouble reporting

5 months ago

DrGladimir Zelenko speaking on has just stated that in his belief 600,000 people gave bern killed by the vqccine now He scoffed at the Vaers figures and believes they are fraudulently being manipulated to conceal the truth .He says the spike proteins are produced in trillions in the body of ” vaccinated ” people which causes ” thorns ” to grow along the blood vessels damaging blood cells leading to immune disease response and clots. I imagine that will cause billions of people to develop all manner of autoimmune diseases into the future .Billions. And all needing treatments for the rest of their lives jyst as white sugar created a plague of diabetics needing their daily shots to live a bit linger

Reply to  Annonymous
5 months ago

Unfortunately I agree with the basics of Schwabs ideas. I don’t eat meat I dont think one nation should rule the world I dont know that people should have their life aims to accumulate private wealth. I do think people should be happy. But I don’t believe the ends justify the means. I do believe crimes against humanity shouldnt be exposed. I do believe people should be educated in a way that they can make balanced decisions and that different nations can have different systems and they should have that freedom and people should be free to choose which system they want to live under. With informed decision making ,not propaganda ,not brainwashing.And the Dr Vladimir Zelensky is the correct name .Hes on, I think live streaming right now still. And he us echoing most of my sentiment s and billions of others Billions The silent majority making the voice in the wilderness

Last edited 5 months ago by Annonymous
Reply to  Annonymous
5 months ago

Crimes should be exposed Its awkward editing on phone when you can only see one line at a time because of pop ups.