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Devi Sridhar lies to the public again by claiming “not a single child has died due to the Covid-19 vaccine”

Devi Sridhar, the qualified nutritionist who is masquerading as a public health expert on all things Covid-19, is currently on a mission to convince the wider public that giving children the experimental Covid vaccine is the right thing to do.

Just a few weeks ago we told you how a BBC Newsround video featuring Devi Sridhar was being broadcast to your children in schools, in which Devi appeared to tell children how safe and effective the Pfizer vaccine is and how important it is that they have the vaccine.

We also added all the relevant information that Devi and the BBC chose to leave out, so that you as a parent could make a properly informed decision on whether or not to allow your child to have the Pfizer Covid vaccine, as well as make you aware of how the BBC and Schools are attempting to indoctrinate and condition your children.

Unfortunately Devi still hasn’t learnt how to tell the truth and again lied to the general public in an appearance on Channel 4 News on the 29th June.

The qualified nutritionist stated that “there has not been one death to a child to the vaccine, there has been side effects but they’ve been treated.”

It’s funny how she seems to have changed her tune from a few weeks ago in which she told your kids that “children experience similar side effects to adults – these include fatigue (feeling tired), having a headache, feeling generally unwell, but these cleared within a day or two.”

They certainly don’t sound like side effects which require treatment.

However the comment that really irked us was Devi’s claim that not a single child has died due to the Covid-19 vaccines. This is an outright lie.

A 16 year-old female received the Pfizer vaccine on the 19th March 2021. Nine days later the same female went into cardiac arrest at home. By the 30th March 2021 she had sadly died.

A 17 year-old female started to suffer difficulty breathing and chest pain eight days after having the Pfizer vaccine. She then suffered cardiac arrest and sadly died.

A 15 year-old female suffered cardiac arrest and ended up in intensive care four days after having the Moderna mRNA jab. She also sadly died.

A five-month old breast-fed baby developed a rash one day after his mother had received the Pfizer jab. Within 24 hours he was inconsolable, refusing to eat and developed a fever. Medical tests discovered the baby had elevated liver enzymes. The baby was hospitalised however his condition worsened and he was diagnosed with Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), a rare blood disorder.

In TTP, blood clots form in small blood vessels throughout the body. The clots can limit or block the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the body’s organs, such as the brain, kidneys, and heart. 

Sadly the baby passed away just two days later.

A 16 year-old male received the Pfizer vaccine and developed a headache and an upset stomach two days after having the second dose. Sadly the following day the boy was found dead in bed.

A fifteen year-old female received her second dose of the Pfizer jab on the 6th June 2021. Sadly one day later she died suddenly without reason.

A 15 year-old male die due to an unexplained reason twenty-three days after having the Pfizer jab.

A 15 year-old female received her 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine, then suffered a cardiac arrest and tragically died.

A one-year-old baby received the Moderna jab. The jab caused his body temperature to increase forcing him into a seizure. The result? The one year-old passed away.

Another 15 year-old male had the Pfizer mRNA jab. One day later he suffered heart failure and sadly died.

All of these unnecessary deaths have been officially recorded on the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and can be viewed here by searching for the VAERS ID.

The Covid-19 vaccines have not been proven to stop people catching Covid-19, and they have not been proven to stop people spreading Covid-19. The only thing they’re claimed to do is reduce serious illness if infected with Covid-19, but we still cannot even be sure of this due to the fact the rate of alleged deaths has fallen at the same rate it did last year when there were no miraculous vaccines, have the government and its scientists ever heard of seasonality?

Devi Sridhar is telling lies, and dangerous ones at that. If her lies convince just one single person to allow their child to have the Covid-19 vaccine then Devi Sridhar will have blood on her hands.

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5 months ago

She better be getting paid very well for lying because her lies are causing deaths which may very well get her on Reiner Fuleimichs list of prosecution candidates for covid crimes angist humanity.

Reply to  Krofter
5 months ago

Yes She will be earning more from compliance than she could ever earn any other way They all do .

5 months ago

Anyone who went to uni knows nutritionists were the lowest entry level of all Basically they know a is for apple .But no married child died either .Maybe she got her verbs confused Its not unlikely.

Last edited 5 months ago by Annonymous
5 months ago

a tweet the obvious stooge wrote March 2020
I don’t see any other way out but testing, testing, testing. If you don’t believe me, read what BILL GATES & DR TEDROS & other leaders in global health are saying. Every outbreak begins & ends with a diagnostic test.”
Puckering up to Gates rump in 2019
Thanks Melinda for reading my piece last week encouraging the Gates Foundation to invest more in gender- and this week committing $1 billion to women. (P.S. I’m just joking- I know this was probably in the works for months…) (suck suck)
He career is one big Gates foundation dribble fest

5 months ago

The same people who call the mainstream media fake news are the ones reading articles from this sketchy website, uhm pretty weird. Where do you find these ‘pictures’ from? Can you even prove their real? I could make this with stock photos, some stupid app on adobe or phonto, just write something random and post it, and it’d be shared, and i know it would be shared by people like you with your political believes and age group.
Maybe she isn’t lying? Which she isn’t.

Reply to  anonymous
5 months ago

i meant which she is btw. as in not lying. not a liar. thanks bye.

Reply to  anonymous
5 months ago

Go get your jabs.

5 months ago

She is a criminal. In a decent country she would be arrested and charged with endangering the lives of children. Sadly we have a satanist as head of state so that will never happen.

5 months ago

[…] ByClifford James July 1, 2021 Devi Sridhar lies to the public again by claiming “not a single child has died due to the Covi… […]

4 months ago

She is disgusting

4 months ago

I am disgusted by any one who thinks it’s ok to administer an experimental JAB to ANY ONE let alone to young adults and children 😤😤😤