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Did Hancock jump or was he pushed … under a bus?

After a week of the media building up to it, on Saturday Matt Hancock, the now ex-Health Secretary, informed the public he had resigned.  He did so by recording a statement and posting it on Twitter.

By Rhoda Wilson

At first glance his video seems touched up – his skin tone enhanced and the leafy background added as an afterthought. If it wasn’t for a tuft of his hair blowing in the wind in time with the background foliage we would have been forgiven for thinking he was sitting in front of a green screen in an attempt to cover up his true location.

By the end of Monday the BBC reported Downing Street had denied Boris Johnson put pressure on Hancock to resign, and three hours later, The Guardian reported Johnson tried to claim credit for Hancock’s departure.  So, which is it?  Did he, or didn’t he?  While legacy media battles it out to reach a consensus on the Hancock affair, let’s consider events they aren’t reporting on.

Last year, a contract VIP lane was set up by the Government to enable PPE purchases to be fast-tracked. When questioned Hancock said it was ‘absolutely appropriate’ to help an ex-minister secure £178mn contract. Since June 2020 the Good Law Project has been taking legal action regarding the PPE fiasco and the more they scratch the surface, the more serious questions that arise. Their legal action has culminated in a court hearing which is now over and we are now awaiting the judgment.

In March, the People’s Union of Britain (“PUB”) filed a private criminal prosecution (“PCP”) against Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Neil Ferguson for pandemic fraud. After a brief hiccup in early June, when the papers were passed to Westminster Magistrates Court but the Statement of Case had somehow been separated from the three evidence files, the Judge proceeded to review the evidence. Last week the Judge rejected the case setting aside expert witness testimony as mere “hearsay”.  PUB has announced it’s launching an appeal in the High Court.

In April, a request for investigation of the UK Government and its advisers, for genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code, was issued to the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

In June, retired police officer, Mark Sexton, submitted a criminal complaint to the police against the Government for misconduct and misfeasance in public office. Others have been taking similar action and yet more are doing so in support of Sexton’s efforts: including a lawyer, Clare Wills Harrison, and prominent doctors who have written to the police in their professional capacities, giving support and weight to Sexton’s complaint.

For more than a year a small team of lawyers and others have been gathering information on the misuse of midazolam. And, we need to talk about midazolam. Midazolam is a commonly used drug in palliative care and is considered one of the essential drugs needed for the promotion of quality care in dying patients.

It depresses respiration and hastens death – it changes end-of-life care into euthanasia. In March 2020 the Government stockpiled two years’ worth of midazolam and by Oct 2020 the stockpile was low. Evidence shows that misuse of midazolam was the real ‘first wave’ of the so-called pandemic.

What legacy media is not reporting is that the Government is coming under increasing pressure over the illegality of their policies since the beginning of 2020. It’s largely irrelevant whether Hancock jumped or was pushed and it’s no wonder calls from the public to “arrest Matt Hancock” have been growing louder.

The question we should be asking is, not who or how he departed from office but, why? Has he been side-lined, his public profile diminished, to keep upcoming legal action out the media? Or is he the fall guy in a much larger game?

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5 months ago

Good question. The leaked video clearly was not him and was not from CCTV. So was this a government set-up to get him out? That would be strange seeing as he has close ties to the WEF and thinks the 4th Industrial Revolution is a fantastic idea. He wasn’t at the centre of this shitshow by chance.

5 months ago

Hes got a ticket to ride .The bus will deliver him to a cushy destination His resignation or sacking ,whatever means nothing to his reality .Its just to shut the peasants up .

5 months ago

I’ve just watched his pathetic video a few more times.

To me it sounds like he’s been forced out, so maybe Klaus or Bill had had enough of him. He sounds unnatural and almost as if he’s reading a script with a gun to his head – ‘this is why I’ve got to resign’. The way he says that vaccine programme was ‘one of the fastest in the world’ is also very odd. He’s probably been taken down a peg or two and is humbled at not being indispensable.

‘If it wasn’t for a tuft of his hair blowing in the wind in time with the background foliage we would have been forgiven for thinking he was sitting in front of a green screen’

Except that the microphone is clearly picking up the breeze!!

Des Gusted
Des Gusted
5 months ago

Was this not to distract people’s attention away from a public health England report stating that most of the hospital covid cases were in fact those who had been vaccinated?

5 months ago

To say that huge reserves of Midazolam where used to euthanize tens of thousands of elderly and disabled means that there must have been the collusion of thousands of doctors, nurses, caregivers, care home heads. It’s not enough to point to the reserves of Midazolam being used up, you need the human testimony that this was going on. Who has come forward about it? How was the British gov’t able to generate this euthanasia collusion among so many people who have been caring for their wards for so long? Maybe the Midazolam reserves were stolen and the thieves made profits made of them?