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Are the Government, its advisors and legacy media trying to become the voices in our heads? 

What on earth is our Government up to? Are they trying to turn us into a nation of psychotics?

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By Rhoda Wilson

Over the past year we have seen the largest campaign of fear the world has ever seen.  In May, The Telegraph reported how the use of fear to control behaviour was ‘totalitarian’. Some SAGE members have admitted they were stunned by the weaponization of psychology, and have described it ‘mind-control’. But these admissions haven’t changed anything except they’re no longer trying to hide it.  

Even the World Economic Forum is openly advising how to ‘manipulate the way people think and feel about getting the jab.’

Is fear the only tactic? Most likely not. For example there has been the continuous flip-flopping of policies and advice from the government and its advisors. For many it’s been confusing, so legacy media tells us.

Some assume Government is handling an unpredictable, unprecedented crisis and confusion can’t be avoided. Others assume the Government and its advisors are simply incompetent.  But what if there was another explanation, namely: creating confusion is a deliberate and well thought out strategy.

Do people deliberately create confusion? Well, yes, they do, for a variety of reasons.  One being as a technique used in hypnosis. A technique commonly used is to confuse the conscious mind, until it gives up trying work out what the instructions are, and so opening the door to the subconscious.  Put another way, the confusion technique makes people more suggestible. A useful tool for someone who knows how to use it effectively.

Fear, manipulation, confusion – could there be others? Below is a list of some psychological ploys. As you read through each point see how it compares with what you’ve been hearing throughout the pandemic from Government, SAGE and legacy media.

  1. They’re consistently negative, derogatory, insulting, abusive and destructive.
  2. They foster and create negative emotions. They breed anxiety, fear, paranoia, shame and guilt.
  3. They foster self-isolation with the aim to shut out others so they have control over a person and there’s no interference with their agenda to generate negative emotion.
  4. They constantly manipulate perception causing people to interpret situations and information in a wrong or negative way.
  5. They’re consummate liars and lie about everything.

Do these ploys match the pandemic’s voices? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you’re not alone. You’ll be shocked to discover this is a small selection from a list of common patterns identified by Dr. Jerry Marzinsky.  Patterns which are common to the voices all schizophrenic patients hear. 

While working as a psychotherapist Dr. Marzinsky spent time interviewing patients who were dealing with schizophrenia and claimed to be hearing voices. In his book, ‘An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind’, he tells the extraordinary story about what happened when he asked for more detail about the voices in their heads. 

He came to realise the voices that tormented his patients were not random hallucinations or internal thoughts but rather external voices that tormented patients in similar ways – there were patterns common to all of them. 

As Governments and legacy media were embedding their narratives into society, Dr. Marzinsky recognised the patterns as matching those of the voices his patients hear.  In an interview he discusses his full list of the common patterns of psychotic voices in comparison to the narratives of 2020/21 which you can watch HERE.  The similarities become even more remarkable after reading a ‘Summary of Ploys’ used by psychotic voices.

Are Government, its advisors and legacy media trying to become the voices in our heads?  It’s hard to believe they aren’t aware of these ploys and the effects on the national psyche especially considering they have an entire team of behavioural psychologists in their midst.

The Government is either continuing to use these ploys deliberately and purposefully or their psychological operation has spiralled out of control and now they know not, nor care, what they do.

As SAGE, the defacto leaders of the Covid operation are accountable to no one, and legacy media has lost the will to hold Government to account; we may never find out. What is clear is that their collective tactics are nothing short of a psychological assault and it is taking its toll on the population’s health.  

As if to prove the point there’s a newly identified mental health disorder which is recognised as distinct from any other: Covid Anxiety Syndrome. There’s no need to ask how it came about, the name says it all. And this is merely the tip of the ‘mental health’ iceberg.

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4 months ago

It’s the melding of the corporate media, the medical/drug cartels, and the government into one entity. It’s mass murder and treason wrapped into one package. Simply put, it’s – it’s fascism. Will justice be served?

Kate Hargreaves
Kate Hargreaves
Reply to  Krofter
4 months ago

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Austrian Peter
Austrian Peter
4 months ago

Excellent observations and almost certainly true. Governments did this as a matter of course during the war and my long-passed father-in-law left me his written experiences of these methods as an aid to my fighting off the psychological conditioning I was experiencing in the Xerox sales training programmes during the 1970s.

The best defence is a faith and resolute belief in a power greater than you. Proof of this comes from Alcoholics Anonymous where this spiritual power actually keeps sufferers from picking up that first drink. It is an almighty power which can be called upon at anytime whenever the situation demands.

Strong believers in a God, Christian or otherwise, with a support group around them, have equal defences against this type of attack. In our secular societies of the Western world most unbelievers are likely to succumb In the East they have strong spiritual defences and I doubt the New World Order will be able to reach them.

If you feel the need to escape – go East young man.

4 months ago

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4 months ago

The Government tactics also follow the psychological techniques of gas-lighting (named after the well-known movie Gaslight). Gas-lighting aims to confuse, disorientate, undermine, devalue, isolate and control the victim.

4 months ago

To win hearts and minds has ALWAYS been governments first priority That’s why they have licenced journalism and tv and media and education No free range allowed .Government has always been mamas and papas and little baby bears .

4 months ago

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4 months ago

[…] Het klinkt als science fiction, maar zoals aan het begin van dit artikel is vermeld, lijkt er sprake te zijn van een convergentie van Europa’s twee vlaggenschipprojecten: HBF en GF. Proberen de regeringen, haar adviseurs en de mainstream media de stemmen in ons hoofd te worden? […]

3 months ago

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3 months ago

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3 months ago

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3 months ago

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