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Is it ever going to end? – NHS is looking for ‘Logistics & Warehouse Support for Covid-19 Vaccination Programme’ with a contract start date of 2022

The NHS has published an invitation to tender for logistics and warehouse support for a Covid-19 Vaccination programme, however the contract start date is the 1st January 2022.

The population of the United Kingdom is allegedly 66.65 million according to 2019 Office for National Statistics estimates. We’re told that as of the 24th July 2021 55% of the entire population has been fully vaccinated, and 14% of the entire population has been partly vaccinated. This equates to 36.65 million people who are fully vaccinated, and 9.33 million people who are partly vaccinated.

This means that as of the same date, 20.67 million people have not received a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in the United Kingdom. However, approximately 14 million of these people are children who are not eligible to have a Covid-19 vaccine, except for 12 – 15 year olds who will outrageously, soon be offered it if they have disabilities or learning difficulties or are living with someone deemed to be vulnerable.

This leaves just 6 million adults in the United Kingdom who have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, approximately 9% of the entire population of the United Kingdom. However, as of 19th July 2021 the UK Government confirmed that every single adult in the United Kingdom had been offered the Covid-19 vaccine. Therefore, apart from children who they are coming for next, the vaccination programme is essentially over once the remaining 14 million who’ve had just the one jab receive their second.

Which is why it’s strange to find that on the 21st July 2021 the NHS has invited companies to bid for Logistics and Warehouse Support for a Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Companies have until the 20th August to submit their tender, and the value of the contract ranges from £0 – £7 million.

The invitation to tender states that qualified, licensed and experienced service providers are invited to bid for warehousing and logistics services for Covid-19 vaccines, expected to include Ultra-Low Temperature, materials and other associated materials.

The NHS state that the objective of the process is to select a service provider(s) to provide:
• Safe, effective and appropriate storage/warehousing for vaccines, which includes vaccines with ULT handling characteristics and associated consumables
• Safe, effective and appropriate distribution of vaccines with varying handling characteristics and associated consumables materials to multiple designated delivery sites
• Provide appropriate equipment for the storage and distribution of vaccines and associated consumables. The Authority may provide FOC the ULT freezers

The contract is due to start on the 1st January 2022 and end on the 31st December 2022. The question being why?

Is it because 2022 is the year they plan to come for all children and give them the experimental Covid-19 vaccine?

Or is it because the vaccines are useless in the long term and must be repeatedly administered? The Israeli Health Ministry has confirmed that the alleged effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 has dropped to 39% in Israel after 6 months, and they have also confirmed it as essentially useless at preventing transmission of the virus.

Or is it because of such more sinister, and nefarious reason of which you will have to submit to if you sign your life away to the dreaded incoming vaccine passport?

Or perhaps it’s just so Big Pharma can get even richer once the vaccine passport is brought in and you’re left with no alternative but to keep getting that jab?

No one can be certain, but we’re going to find out…

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4 months ago

Just say… NO

4 months ago

Meanwhile in Tunisia the entire government was sacked. What a great idea.

Last edited 4 months ago by Sorcha
4 months ago
Reply to  Sorcha
4 months ago

Currently, some 5.3 million people are waiting for routine operations and procedures in England.
NHS backlog in England could reach 13 million, says Sajid Javid.
But the pen pushers at the GMC and lying invading terrorists in government, mass murderers, can suspend surgeons with a 30 year good service record just for telling the truth.

Last edited 4 months ago by Sorcha
Katie Cook
Katie Cook
4 months ago

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4 months ago

They’ve only just begun.

4 months ago

[…] ByClifford James July 26, 2021July 26, 2021 Is it ever going to end? – NHS is looking for ‘Logistics & Warehouse Support for Co… […]

4 months ago

Breaking news The COC has just moved to withdraw the emergency powers use for the test theyve intentionally fraudulently been using to fudge their scamdemics potential propaganda use ,as legalised by traitor Obama the greatest murdering fraudulent criminal in the White House since his predecessor, as it is proven to be unable to differentiate between a scadmemic and the ordinary every day seasonal flu . Course msm will keep their cake holes shut and their greasy palms outstretched.

Last edited 4 months ago by Annonymous
4 months ago

It ends when most of us are dead/dying

4 months ago

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4 months ago

Of course, I have nothing to back this up, but I believe the jabs are best compared to the fertiliser those jolly old ladies back in victorian times used to feed to their husbands. It took years of miniscule doses, but eventually they conveniently popped their clogs and left the lady with the house and the money all to herself. The jabs are just the first 2 doses. Next up are the ‘boosters’. How many boosters until you’re pushing up daisies? Who knows. It depends upon the amount of fertiliser that is in each dose and the strength of your ‘constitution’. Good luck, bon voyage, god speed, give my regards to broad street, and so on.

However, it goes without saying that those lovely old men in ‘parliament’ would never condone such a thing and that they only have your best interests at heart. As do the doctors and nurses. That £12 per shot is just a coincidence. It’s not the fault of any of these fine people that dr frankenfauci made a booboo with the chemicals.