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British Clergy Warns that Covid Vaccine Passports Will Lead to “Medical Apartheid” in UK

The open letter, which was sent to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was signed by over 1,500 members of the clergy in the UK.

More than 1,500 members of clergy in the UK have warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Conservative government that the introduction of domestic vaccine passports – which documents a person’s vaccination status – will create conditions similar to a “medical apartheid.”

Recently in the UK, Minister for Covid-19 Vaccine Deployment and MP, Nadhim Zahawi, announced that from September vaccine passports will be required for entry into nightclubs and large events such as concerts and festivals.

Additionally, in an interview with LBC, business minister Paul Scully was asked whether the vaccine passport regime could be expanded to ban people who are not vaccinated from even going to worship, he replied, “We’re not ruling anything out.”

This admission prompted an open letter that was signed by 1,533 Christian leaders in the UK. The clergy stated that they are opposed to making vaccination “the basis of whether someone is allowed entry to a venue” as it “makes no logical sense in terms of protecting others.”

“If the vaccines are highly effective in preventing significant disease, as seems to be the evidence from trial results to date, then those who have been vaccinated have already received protection; there is no benefit to them of other people being vaccinated.

“Further, since vaccines do not prevent infection per se even a vaccinated person could, in theory, carry and potentially pass on the virus, so to decide someone’s “safe non-spreader” status on the basis of proof of their immunity to disease is spurious.”

The clergy also stated that the introduction of vaccine passports would “constitute an unethical form of coercion and violation of the principle of informed consent.”

They explained that people may have various valid reasons as to why they are unable or unwilling to receive the Covid vaccines, stating that some Christians, for example, may have “serious issues of conscience related to the ethics of vaccine manufacture or testing.”

Also, the letter noted that implementing vaccine passports would create a “two-tier society, a medical apartheid in which an underclass of people who decline vaccination are excluded from significant areas of public life.”

“This scheme has the potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy as we know it and to create a surveillance state in which the government uses technology to control certain aspects of citizens’ lives.

“As such, this constitutes one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics.”

Over the past few days in the UK, protests have taken place in London opposing the introduction of vaccine passports and the current Covid restrictions which continue to be forced onto the British public.

In France, protests have erupted over the introduction of mandatory vaccine passports for entry to restaurants, pubs, and other public spaces. Whilst demonstrators were hit with water cannons and other non-lethal crowd control methods, some of the police joined in solidarity with the protestors.

Similar protests have taken place in Italy, whereby protestors demonstrated against the government’s mandate that required citizens to get vaccinated, provide proof of recovery from Covid, or have a recent negative test before they could venture out in public.

It seems that the pushback against these tyrannical measures is ramping up, suggesting that the Covid agenda could be the spark for a new liberty movement worldwide.


Christian Leaders – Vaccine Passport Letter

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Anjela Kewell
Anjela Kewell
3 months ago

We have governments around the world who are so removed from the people who elect them. We have a global media who believe in following orders rather than being journalists. This creates a tiny echo chamber that has now become so dangerous that this small group of people truly believe their uncontested ideas are the right ones.

None of this people are historians. None of these people geologists are archaeologists. They have no real medical practice. Most have political degrees, banking degrees, or psychology degrees. What a highly explosive mix of ignorance, greed and control.

Reply to  Anjela Kewell
3 months ago

Governments are full of people who support the rich, so that they themselves can become rich. It was at no point about serving the people who pay for them. No one on a voting slip is ever anything but filth.

Journalists are about writing click bait. If it sells papers or generates google ad income then they’ll write it. They don’t want to be shut down by the governement for spreading ‘misinformation’, so they don’t tell the truth, but even that is click bait, because those that know the truth still read their spewings.

Universities are full of fat ignorant people who want an easy ride through life in return for almost no work. They are a certificate printing service for the rich. The certificate can be exchanged for a ‘better’ job at the end of the process. It doesn’t take a ‘university’ to teach someone something, and hardly anyone coming out of a university knows anything. ‘Experts’ are produced by people doing something repeatedly for years on end until they know it by rote, not by someone standing in a lecture theatre reading out of a book.

3 months ago

At last, their voices are being heard above the Head of the Church of England fraud royal so called Jewish Queenies so called Jewish abomination the Arch fish hook of Canterbury Justin Welby .
The pair of them have converted the Church of England into a branch of the synagogue of satan. So many good vicars have left the church because of them

January 2021 “The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, received a COVID-19 vaccine and urged people across the world to accept the jab, saying that getting vaccinated was part of the Christian commandment to love our neighbour as ourselves”.

Our message to Queenie and Welby should be Go to hell

Last edited 3 months ago by Sorcha
Reply to  Sorcha
3 months ago

“The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, received a COVID-19 vaccine and urged people across the world to accept the jab, saying that getting vaccinated was part of the Christian commandment to love our neighbour as ourselves”

I don’t believe that any of these people are getting vaxed. Because 1 in 43 people should be showing ‘side effects’ (including death), yet how many of the dirt and filth that dictate to everyone else have even been sick, let alone died? Have any of them?

The turdbishop of cuntdom, if vaxed, could die right? Or go blind, or become disabled. Imagine what a stink that would cause. So they simply don’t vax him.

Of course, what I just wrote there would have the vaxers saying it’s because no one is dying from the vax. Except unsocial media is full of real life people dying, and even the government’s own figures show it.

Reply to  bill
3 months ago

I agree. None of these freaks got a jab and the ones who rolled up their sleeves on camera to con fools into getting the injection probably got a saline placebo, or else we’d at least have the pleasure of watching them all shrivel up and die.

Last edited 3 months ago by Sorcha
Reply to  Sorcha
3 months ago

This is how the mass murdering so called Jews behind the scamdemic managed to pull off forcing Churches to close during the fraudulent lockdown

By a BS study making out non Christian religious groups were more likely to die from fake covid deaths.
But even the BS survey they cooked up showed Christians were least likely to die of covid, but they fraudulently locked the Christians down anyway.
(Those who were too easily fooled by the synagogue of satan seeds which thankfully didn’t include all of us)

Statistician’s comment
“The risk of death involving COVID-19 varies across religious groups, with those identifying as Muslims, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh showing a higher rate of death than other groups. For the most part the elevated risk of certain religious groups is explained by geographical, socio economic and demographic factors and increased risks associated with ethnicity. However, after adjusting for the above, Jewish males are at twice the risk of Christian males, and Jewish women are also at higher risk. Additional data and analyses are required to understand this excess risk.”

Last edited 3 months ago by Sorcha
3 months ago

They never said boo about banning from pubic the Nativity at Xmas They haven’t said diddly squat about Santa Claws being the symbol used to substitute fir Jesus, they not squeaked about the legalisation of the Church of Satan and its offshoots, but they make a song and dance about COVID passports? I guees they feel the need to seen as” politically active? ” or relevant to the community in some sort of topical way Like brown nosing sycophants

Reply to  Anonymous
3 months ago

It’s far more likely that they think they’ll lose money from all those donation plates as a result of all those people being prevented from going to church due to a lack of ‘passport’.

Just like an agatha christie novel, it’s almost always about the money.

Last edited 3 months ago by bill
3 months ago

Twin parallel societies are perfectly fine.
The vaxxed will inject themselves to death, over time. Let them.
Just say… NO