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No Jab, No Job breaches UK Law – It’s time to save the Carers… #SaveTheCarers #CareForCarers

On 22nd July 2021, The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021 statutory instrument was laid before Parliament.

The instrument brings in the requirement for care home workers (and other people who may visit care homes in a work capacity) in England, to have been fully vaccinated against “Coronavirus” – or the SARS-CoV-2 virus with one of the emergency approved Covid-19 vaccines by 11th November 2021 (16 weeks after the instrument was issued) –  or to be able to prove there are clinical reasons why they cannot be vaccinated.


The regulations appear to have been rushed through before MPs started their summer break.  An impact assessment for the regulations was still being prepared so was not available for MPs to consider before voting.

Conservative MP William Wragg spoke out against the rushing through of the regulations, along with Labour’s Rachael Maskell, with the latter saying: “We’re having to make a decision in the House this evening on the balance of risk, and we haven’t been given the data because the impact assessment hasn’t come forward.” Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans also said it was a “totally unsatisfactory” situation.

The Regulations seek to fundamentally change the human rights of care home workers.  It crosses a line that has not been crossed before in this country, and we must all be deeply concerned that it is a first step towards mandatory vaccination for the whole population.

The Regulations are likely to cause a severe shortage of staff in an industry that has historically found it hard to recruit well trained and dedicated individuals. Many current staff may simply now be preparing to leave a job they love, rather than be bullied.

The impact of staff shortages will of course be felt only by those in care, who are either the oldest or the most vulnerable in our society. This is a travesty given the failings of this government throughout the last 18 months, to the care home population.

Every person has body autonomy and freedom of choice when it comes to medical procedures. These rights must be respected and upheld and are enshrined in numerous pieces of domestic and international law, as well as in common law, by judgements handed down by the UK’s highest court, The Supreme Court. These rights cannot simply be swept aside by the stroke of a junior minister’s pen.

We anticipate the new regulations being challenged in court in the near future. In the meantime, our focus is on urgently empowering individual care home workers (and others affected by the regulations) so that they do not feel forced into having a vaccination, forced to hand in their resignation, or face redeployment, dismissal or other disciplinary action as a result of exercising their fundamental human rights. That people find themselves in this position is not acceptable, is unlawful, and we should all stand together to prevent such state overreach.

For this reason we have started a campaign today to reach anyone affected by the Regulations. If that is you, please visit our dedicated page HERE, and download, personalise and send the Care Home Worker letter provided – including the PDF that explains your legal rights and the law in more detail for both you and your employer.

Do not forget the PDF. Keep this as a handy reference to the legislation and case law that your employer will be breaching if they try to coerce you into having a Covid-19 vaccine.

And finally, please share this post with anyone affected so it reaches them. Together we can make a stand and make a difference.

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3 months ago

I’ve seen ” carers ” at work over 25 years now and no dont save them. They don’t deserve it Maybe 10 % are good ,the rest are mostly turds Hateful nasty spiteful greedy thieving lying turds who just couldn’t get any other job .Dont leave a biz of chocolates with your loved one or they will be gone faster than a rabbit at the greyhounds. They’ll steal everything g quicker than the workers in a regular hospital . Everyone knows you cant take anything in there and expect it to be safe ..

3 months ago

3 months ago

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ArrestTeamUK-SCOT-IR/ 5821

= I want an ArrestTeam…/5821 in Each UN-country.

Starting from Evidence 100% corruption IntlCrimCourt UN – Presidents – Embassies.

See Cards on

You must start from Torture-treaty on Top of Evidence corruption ICC.

You will NOT rescue yourself, when you ignore the ICC – UN – Nato – Presidents corruption.

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Last edited 3 months ago by
3 months ago

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Last edited 3 months ago by
Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
3 months ago

It is becoming the same everywhere now – so let’s recap, Biden introduced the experimental test vaccines as the save all, for the population back in early December 2012, against Covid-19, approving the mRNA shots for emergency use, having signed the mRNA vaccine makers contracts and providing them all with blanket immunity from prosecution and now here we are in early August 2021 and what has changed?

Well, what the American Government does, other countries are quick to follow, usually about 6 months afterwards and now everyone is expected to agree to and have the experimental test vaccines and those who resist are slowly overcome by restrictions on their employment conditions, or Government subsidy payments, to have the vaccines, or lose the income benefits they provide, which we need to survive on a weekly basis..

“Informed consent” is just another expression which means absolutely nothing at all, it is more about when and how you will be forced to accept the experimental test vaccines, whether you want to, or not, if you want to survive with the financial means that you are provided with, either through employment, or government assistance, as most of us do, on a fortnightly, or monthly.income basis.

We have become apathetic and passive and controlled by the governments under which we live and we lack the means to take control of our lives individually, or together and be able to make change, when the politicians we elected to the roles they play, are now controlled by Big Pharma, who now dictate the policies which we must all conform to, bearing in mind Big Pharma got where they are by lobbying (bribing) our politicians and now they control all of us, to do their bidding, through the politicians we elected, whom they own.

The experimental test vaccines are just that and sooner or later, all of us will be obliged to have them, whether we want to or not and consent won’t come into it, if we wish to keep our standard of living and incomes, no matter how they are earned.

These mRNA vaccines have a life of their own and there is no stopping them now – there is only one plus out of all of this, we all have to die sometime, so now it is more a case of how and when and if that is going to be a lot sooner than any of us expected.

I will resist vaccines to the bitter end, but the reality of the situation is that sooner or later, I won’t have any choice, just like the rest of you and I will be forced to have them and whatever fate they serve on me, will ultimately be my fate too, just like the rest of you.

Absolute power corrupts totally.


Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
Reply to  Richard Noakes
3 months ago

Sorry – 2012 should read 2020 – UMM!!

Reply to  Richard Noakes
3 months ago

The only way you’ll stop the trainwreck is to pull down the entire government. But no one is willing to stick their neck out, because you’ve got 69m people in this country, every one of which is only thinking of themself. That’s the truth. I’ve posted time and again all over the net that we need to burn parliament and buck palace to the ground and kill the politicians, but my posts are always censored away. Not that it would do any good anyway, because no one in the uk will ever stand up and be counted. Just fat people marching through london drinking endless cans of lager, being filmed so that facial recognition can be used to identify them later on. Pointless. Well, your gonna get what you deserve – welcome to george orwell land.

3 months ago

[…] the United Kingdom have decided to implement a vaccine passport system from the Autumn, enshrine a no jab, no job policy in law for carers – despite the jabs not preventing transmission, and have outrageously decided to start giving […]

Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor
3 months ago

Think it’s disgraceful and not needed, yes many people will leave the profession rather than risk their health