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Supreme Court Blocks Covid Vaccine Passport to Enter Nightclubs, Bars and Restaurants in Andalucia

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The Supreme Court has ruled that the Andalucian government cannot justify introducing Covid passports.

The Andalucian government has sought to introduce Covid-19 vaccine passports as a requirement for citizens to enter bars, restaurants and nightclubs, however, the Supreme Court has prevented this by blocking the measure.

The government hoped to use a Covid passport to control entry to hotels and other venues across Andalucia, although the Supreme Court ruled that the proposed rule “does not pass the proportionality test” and that it shows a “justification deficit.”

This ruling means that the citizens of Andalucia will not be required to show a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test which was taken in the last 72 hours to gain entry to nightclubs, bars and other public venues. These measures were requested by the government of Moreno Bonilla, but the Supreme Court decided to overturn the request.

The decision was concluded on two main arguments. The first is that the measure is not sufficiently justified, as for the measure to be justified the Andalucian government would have to prove “that the so-called fifth wave originates precisely in nightlife venues.”

Additionally, the second argument is one of being proportionate. The measure was intended to apply “over a large territory and in very different situations.” If implemented, this would have meant that the measure would have been used across the whole of Andalucia, and the local coronavirus situation within each territory would not be considered. Therefore, the proposed measure failed the proportionality test.

If the measure was introduced, it would have hit the hospitality sector without proof that the main source of Covid infections came from this sector.

20 Minutos, a Spanish newspaper, reported on the ruling by the Supreme Court: “Finally, the court argues that it is not possible to restrict the fundamental rights of citizens with a preventive measure such as the ‘covid passport’: ‘It is not a measure that is punctually indispensable to safeguard public health (…), but rather a preventive measure when it happens that, for the restriction of fundamental rights, mere considerations of prudence or precaution are not sufficient.”

Covid-19 vaccine passports have already been introduced in many European Union countries such as France, Greece, Italy and Germany. Recently, vaccine passports were implemented in New York City in the United States under the “Key to NYC.” The passport will require New Yorkers to prove their vaccination status to gain entry to venues such as restaurants, theaters, stadiums and gyms.

In the UK, vaccine passports have only been introduced for international travel, however, the government has stated that from September proof of vaccination will be required for entry to nightclubs and large events such as festivals and concerts.

It seems as though these vaccine passports are set to be a way of life in the very near future…

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3 months ago

Great news and this needs to be done globally. Thanks for reporting on it.

Monica T. Goodin
Monica T. Goodin
Reply to  robin
3 months ago

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Last edited 3 months ago by Monica T. Goodin
3 months ago

Pleased for the Spanish people that their legal system isn’t as corrupt as ours is.
Perhaps the Judge had 1492 in mind?

Reply to  Sorcha
3 months ago

Andalucua isnt all of Spain It’s a bit.

Reply to  Anonymous
3 months ago

Andalucia is the second largest autonomous community in the country.
I don’t think the rest of Spain will accept being conned into country wrecking bs when the Andalucians have kicked the covid scamdemic passport fraud into touch, especially as in July, Spain’s top court already ruled the lockdowns were unconstitutional

The Spanish will have linked this world wide pre arranged country wrecking fraud with what they had to do in 1492 to the very same perpetrators of mass misery and mayhem behind all this, which was for the same reasons as England and Wales had to do the same in 1290 and need to do it again if we want our country back and our descendants not to be k i k e d to death by “the enemy of all mankind” when we’re all dead and gone.

And we have the historical paperwork to prove why it was the very best thing our ancestors ever did, so do Spain and so do over 100 other countries who did the same thing for the same reasons.

Mass murdering thief and traitorous unwanted criminal immigrant Bolshevik Boris is losing his hair in clumps. Stress. He’ll be going for that bizarre comb over from front to back like his corrupt cousin Trump soon. Maybe their friend Mossad pedo Epstein will donate some of his?

3 months ago

so expose needs to get proactive and involve legal eagles in the UK to fight the govt…. ppl will contribute to visible,proactive resistance efforts quicker than to online talking shops … all very necessary and we love expose, but this needs to get active and visible to give people a ray of hope and incentive to fight back … Australchina is definitely not to be tolerated or UKorea …. if we don’t unite and say NO these nightmares will happen…all it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing concrete to stop it

Reply to  burymeatwoundedknee
3 months ago

There is a case on crowdjustice I followed and supported, “The Coronavirus Act 2020 is null and void” After a year there’s still no trial. I think the system is corrupt and legal way will lead nowhere while with every day more and more die or become injured via their fake vaxxes.
I had high hopes in connection with Dr Fuellmich and his helpers to resolve this on a legal way but now I don’t think it’s possible and with every day they are, our enemies are stronger and stronger. Just watch the news from Australia.

The last one standing switch off the lights please

3 months ago

The only places that are safe now are those where the health authorities have a brain.

3 months ago

A Spanish court on Thursday lifted a coronavirus curfew imposed on most of Catalonia, including the capital Barcelona, leaving it in place in just a fraction of the northeastern region.