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Sue Frost – “They Should Not Underestimate Us. We Have the Heart of a Lion and We Want to Be Free.”

Sue Frost, who is on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, gave a statement to the Corona Investigative Committee (session #68) about the loss of medical treatment and medical dictatorship in California. “I love people.  I really want to serve them and I made an oath that I will uphold the Constitution and never forget who I work for. And I haven’t,” Frost said.

A summary of some points Frost made is below and you can watch her full statement HERE.

Change in Legislation

“There were some things that happened that gave me pause and caused me concern. It felt like I didn’t get the memo. Like everyone knew the plan, but I didn’t know the plan,” Frost said. 

Within two weeks of the lockdown in California, “we were looking at resolutions at putting moratoriums on evictions affecting property rights.”  After that there was a whirlwind of changes in the rules: to extend the lockdown, resolutions that would announce that racism is a public health crisis and environment is a public health crisis.  Every resolution carries weight in that they have an impact in prioritising policy making and how tax payers’ dollars are managed.

Policy prior to the March 2020 lockdown paved the way for early legislative changes which would authorise testing, tracing and ultimately the decision maker of how California would lockdown.  In October 2019, a resolution – AB 262 Local health officers: communicable diseases – was passed which increased the power and authority of the local health officer.

Hospital Protocols

“The evidence began to stack up that the CDC and the hospital protocols were abandoning patients, obstructing treatment that could reduce hospitalisations and save lives. The way they’re documenting their protocols in the hospitals are causing a disconnect that leads to undocumented breakthrough cases and vaccine injury cases.  They’re not connecting a huge amount of the dots,” Frost said.

The hospitals are full, but necessarily with Covid. 

Whistle blowers have approached Frost, some who have previously come from communist countries and are too afraid to speak out. At hospital admissions, those who have had a “vaccine” do not require a test, while “unvaccinated” people are required to take a test to be treated or admitted.  Nurses have told Frost that 80% of “vaccinated” people are sick or having “major strange events” such as strokes, blood clots and myocarditis.  There has been a huge increase in, for example: “Code 3” for strokes; birth defects; and, spontaneous abortions, Frost said, some nurses are acutely aware of what’s happening in right front of them while others are not.

Nurses have told Frost that there is no proactive treatment given to patients when they arrive.  Irrespective of a whether a patient has had the vaccine or not, patients should be immediately put on Vit D, Zinc, ivermectin or some other treatment for Covid that would help. But instead, the “go to” protocol is “wait till you’re dying from shortness of breath and put you on a respirator.  One person said they put her grandmother on Fentanyl and respirator,” said Frost.

Early Treatments

“There are doctors in the hospitals that are saying, ‘I’m sorry but my hands are tied, I can refer you to someone else’. So, there are doctors and public health officials who are not willing to talk about early treatments” Frost said, why are we not talking about all the treatments, why won’t the media tell people about treatments that could keep people out of the hospital?

Frost recounted a personal experience with a pharmacist and why the pharmacist did not fill her prescription, “the CDC has instructed us, told us, what we have to do.” The CDC has given guidelines and pharmacists have to follow them. They cannot fill prescriptions from doctors that, for example, include hydroxychloroquine if the pharmacist suspects it is being used to treat Covid.

The CDC, an unelected Government agency, are “dictating to pharmacies what they can prescribe, and basically politicised medicine and turned it upside down.  Where I cannot go to my doctor, my doctor cannot feel free to treat me – mind, body, spirit – the whole me. We’re not in charge of my care anymore. It’s the CDC telling us and government telling us what we can do.”

Removing an individual’s freedom to choose what is put in their body is a line a lot of Californians are not willing to cross, Frost said.


“Months after the vaccines started, we started to see the multiple variants.  Government is campaigning, coaxing, social pressuring people to get the vaccine,” said Frost, “this is unethical and wrong.” 

Frost has some questions about the vaccine. In the case of flu, a new vaccine is given for a new variant, but in the case of Covid the same vaccine is being used for all variants. Why is that? And, why is the vaccine so great that it allows people to travel etc even though it doesn’t stop infection or transmission?  And, what is it about this vaccine that everyone has to have it?

“It’s one thing if people are making an informed choice.  But when the decision is not properly informed – and children are at risk, a whole generation of children, and our freedom is at risk and we’ve lost it – then, there comes a time when there isn’t any job or any amount of money or anything that makes it worth to ‘go along, to get along’,” she said.

Frost highlights some Californian Bills which are in the pipeline:

  • AB 455 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: transit-only traffic lanes, a transportation bill which forces vaccinations.  It’s a bill which has nothing to do with health, said Frost, it has just been tucked into another bill to force vaccination.
  • AB 1102 where an employer can fire or refuse to hire someone if they’re not vaccinated. (Please note: in her statement Frost mentioned SB 1102 but our search only returned AB 1102.  We have assumed she misspoke, but this assumption may be incorrect.)
  • AB 1105, Hospital workers: COVID-19 testing, which will require testing of patients for Covid prior to being admitted to hospital.

“My body my choice” is another line people will not cross, Frost said, “they should not underestimate us [Americans].  We have the heart of a lion and we want to be free.”

Frost has also been questioning the number of adverse reactions registered on VAERS and has received criticism on both social media and from mainstream media for doing so.  Another concern she has is that surprisingly few people know about the VAERS database and questions why the media is not raising awareness about it.

Show Us the Virus

A whistle blower informed Frost that they and their team had attempted to isolate the virus three times.  While they were not able to isolate SARS-CoV-2 they were able to isolate influenza A and influenza B. 

As time has gone on, these researchers have had threats to their lives and so the situation regarding isolating the virus has become a very sensitive one.  But, encouraged by the success of Patrick King in Canada, Frost has asked California’s public health if they would show her the isolated virus.

Frost concluded her statement to the Corona Investigative Committee by saying,this is not about anti-vaccine.  This is about medical freedom. It’s about our constitutional freedoms.  We have inalienable rights,” and constitutional rights, “we are going to have to exercise it to keep it.  We can do this.  We can do this, together.”

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3 months ago

GREAT RESET, POPULATION CONTROL MASS MURDER/GENOCIDE/DEMOCIDE, CONTROL, BIGGEST SHEKEL SCAM EVER. WE ALL KNOW WHAT IT IS. Klaus is even more of an evil nutcase than anyone can imagine. Where was he on 9/11? He had a ring side seat of the towers collapsing with his rabbi friend. Where else would such a deranged monster conveniently be?Schwab Family Values BY JOHNNY VEDMORE
“is he really the son of a Nazi collaborator who used slave labour and aided Nazi efforts to obtain the first atomic bomb?
don’t forget he is j e w i s h. (Soros gloats about being a Nazi collaborator too). Collaborators, or steering the ship from inside? As they all are now under Rothschild and his banking cartels.

Reply to  Sorcha
3 months ago

You really go for every bit of bait dont you? Swallow it all hook line and sinker.

Last edited 3 months ago by Anonymous
3 months ago

The first thing she mentions is that rich people were prevented from throwing poor people out into the street. So I think we know what she is don’t we?

Reply to  yam
3 months ago

They all are Common sense says that the Banks should have simply said, we will forego globally all mortgage payments until the pandemic is over Simple They know better than anyone that it’s FIAT MONEY anyway. It doesn’t mean anything really It’s tokenism They don’t nerd it They can just print more which they have done They have printed billions. Because they want to AND its all about the RULE OF LAW. Not banking per se but the LAW s decisions.They create the society, they control the bankers, they control they money.

Last edited 3 months ago by Anonymous
3 months ago

It all originated, as the “plandemic” from the IMPERIAL COLLEGE. No where else. That’s the source and naturally Tavistock cooked it all up.

3 months ago

1The Bible warns us never to trust people who swear Oaths to any and warns us never to be deceived into swearing oaths ourselves. She’s been deceived and she most likely doesn’t know it. Anyone who sworn any oath to anybody has been corrupted. After that they might do good deeds and believe they are good people but until they realise the fact that they cannot in good conscience swear Oaths to any they are deceived That’s why Courts used to ask you to swear on the Bible to tell rhe truth. Maybe still do in some places. And as for having the heart of a lion, we’ll lions symbolically were fed Christians, and that’s the point of lions. People get thoroughly deceived.

Reply to  Anonymous
3 months ago

Not symbolically. Literally. And for the amusement of the “well respected members of roman society” The good citizens who took their families to the colosseum, for about 450 years, to watch Christian men women children teenagers girls and boys tied to wooden boards and smeared in blood to encourage the lions to eat them being mauled by the lions here and there now and then. Throughout the days fun and games Fact is the lions wees mostly too frightened by the crowds and their surroundings to know what yo do with themselves so the poor Christians were nibbled at Usually by the end of the day the Romans would clear the arena by simply coming out and whacking a meat hook into the Christians and dragging them out They usually died from exposure panic stress fear and blood loss. It was all great fun. And the point is that we now know that people after 3 generations sort of inherit a genetic predisposition towards acceptable behaviours. Rome did itv, acting like sadists and psychopaths as good behaviour for centuries and centuries.

Last edited 3 months ago by Anonymous