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#CovidVaxExposed PART 1: Arizona State Senator Issues an Official Statement on Bombshell Whistle-Blower Video

Senator Kelly Townsend responds to allegations of medical malfeasance at Phoenix Indian Health Center, and other private hospitals in Arizona.

First Senator Townsend took to Twitter:

Two hours later Senator Townsend issued a statement on Telegram:

Official Statement Senator Kelly Townsend


September 21, 2021

Phoenix, AZ

Monday of this week, Project Veritas released a video that showed undercover recordings of physicians and other staff of the Phoenix Indian Health Center discussing the fact that adverse events after the COVID-19 vaccine were not being reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). 

Senator Townsend expressed her concern with the video.  “I am not surprised to hear of these allegations from this hospital.  Complaints such as these are becoming increasingly more frequent, along with allegations of other public hospitals committing medical discrimination against the unvaccinated.”  Townsend continued, “I am glad the reality is coming to light of how easily people have devolved into blatant discrimination against those who chose not to, or cannot be, vaccinated.  I have received reports out of Tucson of patients being grossly neglected due to their vaccine status.  This cannot stand in our state.  I have advised the family members to make a complaint to the Department of Health Services and I hope it is investigated immediately.”

Senator Townsend has been consistent in her messaging regarding the right of a person to make decisions regarding their medial care, including the COVID-19 vaccine.  “Wherever there is a risk, there must always be the opportunity for choice,” said Townsend.  She continued, “In the last several months, I have been contacted by many seeking recourse, whether it be patients needing an advocate, nurses seeking to preserve their employment, parents of school children seeking help due to an arbitrary quarantine, or first responders facing illegal mandates from City officials.”

Because the volume of calls and emails has become insurmountable, Senator Townsend has moved to form a group of like-minded individuals from many professions to join her in creating the Arizona Health and Safety Coalition.  It is her desire to see a group that is dedicated not only to assisting the public with resources, but to act as a watchdog when things like what was seen yesterday with Project Veritas happen.  “I expect this group to act as a think-tank and a resource to help the citizens of Arizona find solutions during this pandemic.  I also expect that we can help guide family members as they seek recourse for the mistreatment they are experiencing in various parts of the state.  We will provide access to the laws that are there to protect them from maltreatment and neglect and will point them to legal counsel who can represent them if they need to seek damages. 

Townsend tweeted earlier today that because the Phoenix Indian Health Center is a federal facility, she is calling on the Congressional delegation to investigate.  As for a solution for private and public institutions under the state’s jurisdiction, Townsend indicated that she is proposing legislation to create a similar reporting system for Arizona that is transparent for the public to see and more reliable, with an enforceable mandate for medical practitioners report the adverse event.

Senator Townsend can be reached at her office at 602.926.4467 or by email at

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