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The Gates Foundation Has Funded Organisations to The Amount of US$71 Billion During the Past Three Decades and UK Institutions Have Accepted US$3 Billion Of It

Between 1994 and 20 September 2021, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (“BGMF”) has committed over US$71 billion to institutions across the world and nearly US$3 billion to institutions in the United Kingdom. 

Over the same period BMGF has paid out or committed US$44 billion to the United States; US$13 billion to Switzerland; US$1,2 billion to India; and, US$1,1 billion to Kenya.

Switzerland’s US$13 billion pay out includes payments to various international organisations, for example: US$3,3 billion to the World Health Organisation; US$5 billion to GAVI; US$3 billion The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; US$3,3 million to the World Economic Forum; and, US$9,9 million to Aga Khan.

The UK first received funds in 1997 and is the third highest recipient on the list. However, considering the organisations the money is committed to in Switzerland, in reality, the UK receives the most funds from BMGF second only to the USA.

Of the funds committed to UK institutions there are 18 which will be completed after 2021, all of which are categorised by BMGF with the topic “Pneumonia”.  We have extracted a list of these funds which run past 2021 in the PDF below.

Assuming all the funds committed by BMGF have either been given or will be given in the near future – the final one completes in 2024 – the six UK institutions to receive the most, have received almost half of the BMGF/UK funds, with a combined total of US$1,4 billion.

To avoid a lengthy article, we will not attempt to go into any further details on these funds here.

Not included in the the list of the top six above is the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”). It has received US$8,1 million, with US$3,6 million in 2011 “to assess strategy combinations to achieve the goal of an improved oral polio vaccine OPV-2” and a total of US$4,4 million in the years 2017 to 2021 (incl.). 

A large payment, US$2 million, was committed to the MHRA in 2017 “to build sustainable capacity in pharmacovigilance [drug safety] in the low and middle-income country settings.” And, the most recent commitment of US$251k was “to support efficient development and approval of long-acting contraceptive drug products that are affordable globally,” according to the BMGF Grant Data file.

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We should not be fooled by the BMGF’s facade of philanthropy. Through its various initiatives, sub-organizations, development schemes and funding mechanisms, BMGF weaves an intricate web of wide-ranging power and influence.  Philanthropy is one of the most vicious and dangerous masks capitalism is able to wear.

Philanthrocapitalism — epitomized by the BMGF — has emerged over the last 30 years as a major force with the potential to “push the future of our planet towards extinction and ecological collapse,” according to a report last year, “Gates to a Global Empire”, by Navdanya International.

The report sheds light on how philanthrocapitalism accelerates the corporate takeover of our seed, agriculture, food, knowledge and global health systems, and how it manipulates information and erodes democracies — all in the name of corporate profits.

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The Corbett Report: Who is Bill Gates? (Full Documentary), 13 June 2020 (2 hrs)

If the video above is removed from YouTube you can find it HERE and the transcript is HERE.

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2 months ago

Nice work Rhoda.
Here’s a piece I did on Gates and the foundation this past May. The end game is mostly about power, eugenics and profit, not necessarily in that order.

Reply to  Rhoda Wilson
2 months ago

Just to say, it’s really nice to see engagement in the comments by the article author. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that happen in The Exposé. Very appreciated! And I hope YOU feel appreciated, Rhoda, because you and the team are doing excellent investigative work on our behalf day after day. Thank you!

2 months ago

[…] September 27, 2021The Gates Foundation Has Funded Organisations to The Amount of US$71 Billion During the Past Three D… […]

2 months ago

Kill Bill gates of hell and his demonic shopping list of the whores his filthy money bought. I pray each day that this rancid piece of garbage and his abetting ilk receive the justice that he so richly deserves. Take a moment and wish him ill (it’s like prayer) and all the other genocidal serpents perpetrating this global cull.

If you think you know what their death squirt is you will be even more shocked to learn the grim reality that Dr Bhakdi explains in a very comprehensible way for the lay man.
They need to keep the ovens constantly burning now hence the children must be poisoned ASAP because after this Dark Winter the remnants of the covaids death squirted herd will finally grasp what has happened. When the betrayed and decimated sheeple finally stampede there will be global terror of a kind that humanity has never before witnessed.
Dr Mercola interviews Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
Corona Unmasked By Dr Sucharit Bhakdi

22 days ago

[…] La Fondazione Gates ha finanziato organizzazioni per un importo di 71 miliardi di dollari negli ultimi tre decenni e le istituzioni del Regno Unito hanno accettato 3 miliardi di dollari tra il 1994 e il 20 settembre 2021, la Fondazione Bill & Melinda Gates (“BGMF”) ha impegnato oltre 71 miliardi di dollari per le istituzioni di tutto il mondo e quasi 3 miliardi di dollari per le istituzioni del Regno Unito.  Nello stesso periodo BMGF ha versato o impegnato 44 miliardi di dollari negli Stati Uniti; 13 miliardi di dollari in Svizzera; 1,2 miliardi di dollari. […]