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The UK has Fallen – 81% of Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated, Male Teen Deaths have rised by 63% since they were offered the jab, Covid-19 Deaths are 12 times higher than this time last year…

Are you aware that Australia is currently in the grip of dictatorial tyranny due to a handful of Covid-19 deaths occurring every day? What’s happening in that country has absolutely nothing to do with a virus, and everything to do with control, and you only need to look at what’s going on in the United Kingdom to confirm that.

Because the latest Public Health data shows that Covid-19 vaccinated people have accounted for 81% of Covid-19 deaths this summer, whilst UK Government data shows that Covid-19 deaths are over 11 times higher than this time last year, and Office for National Statistics data shows that since teens were first given the Covid-19 vaccine there has been a 63% increase in deaths among teen boys compared to the same period in 2020.

The UK is essentially in the midst of a national disaster with a vaccine programme that has clearly failed, but more worryingly has also killed children, and will kill more. because we seem to have a problem in the UK where a huge majority of the population do not believe a single thing unless it is shown on the BBC News.

But the data could not be more clear. Just take a look at Public Health Scotland’s latest Covid-19 Statistical report published September 29th. Table 18 of the report shows that the vast majority of Covid-19 deaths between August 21st and September 17th 2021 were among the fully vaccinated population with 233 deaths recorded, accounting for 77% of all Covid-19 deaths.

Throw in the 10 deaths to have occurred among the partly vaccinated and that means the vaccinated population accounted for 81% of Covid-19 deaths in Scotland between August 21st and September 17th.

UK Health Security Agency (the sinister replacement for Public Health England) data doesn’t look much better either. Table 4 of the report published by UKHSA shows that there were 687 deaths among the unvaccinated, 110 deaths among the partly vaccinated, but a frightening 2,338 deaths among the fully vaccinated between August 30th and September 26th 2021.

Source – Page 16

This means that the unvaccinated account for just 22% of Covid-19 deaths during September 2021, whilst the vaccinated account for a disastrous 78%.

And don’t even attempt to argue that this is normal because the majority of the adult population have allegedly been vaccinated. If this were normal then how do you explain the fact that Covid-19 deaths are over twelve times higher than the same period last year when there wasn’t a Covid-19 vaccine available?

With only a claimed 95% effectiveness (The latest UKHSA data actually shows the vaccines have a negative efficacy as low as MINUS 66 percent), you would of course expect to still see some Covid-19 deaths. But not when seasonality should be on our side, just like it was in 2020 when deaths dropped to nearly zero.

Mix seasonality in with an effective vaccine and you would have thought the UK would have just enjoyed a Covid-19 free summer, but the reality has been far from it.

The above numbers are what you would expect to see in the middle of winter with an effective vaccine, not the middle of summer.

But as if having a Covid-19 vaccination programme which is proving to not only not work, but also make the recipients of the jabs much worse, wasn’t bad enough, the Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Chris Whitty decided that he wouldn’t accept the decision made by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, and overruled them because he clearly wants to kill children.

Just like he helped to kill the elderly and vulnerable with a blanket policy of Do Not Resuscitate orders being used as an excuse to start end of life care which involved starving and dehydrating the patients whilst overdosing them on a drug called Midazolam, that is known to cause the same symptoms as serious disease due to Covid-19.

It’s too soon to tell if children have already died due to Chris Whitty’s decision to offer them an experimental leaky Covid-19 injection, but official Office for National Statistics data does show us that teens over the age of 15 have already seen a significant rise in deaths since they started to be given the Covid-19 vaccine.

The 2020 edition of ‘Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales’, which can be downloaded here, and accessed on the ONS website here, shows that between the week ending 8th May 2020 and the week ending 18th September 2020, a total of 219 deaths occurred among 15 – 19-year-olds. Of these 142 deaths were among teenage boys, whilst 77 deaths were among teenage girls.

Whereas the 2021 editions of ‘Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, which can be downloaded here, and accessed on the ONS website here, shows that between the week ending 7th May 2021 and the week ending 17th September 2021, a total of 320 deaths occurred among 15 – 19-year-olds. Of these 231 deaths were among teenage boys, whilst 89 deaths were amongst teenage girls.

This shows that the number of deaths between May 7th 2021 and September 17th 2021 among teens aged 15 and over were 46% higher than the number of deaths in this age group during the same period in 2020, and the increase in deaths began at precisely the same time teens started receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

But what this also shows is that since the Covid-19 vaccines began being given to teens over the age of 15, deaths among teenage boys have increased by 63%, whereas deaths among teenage girls have still increased, but at a much lower rate of just 16%.

We compiled the following table of ONS figures so that we were able to easily compare the number of deaths per week among teens over the age of 15 separated into males and females.

The largest increase in male teen deaths came in the week ending September 3rd 2021 which saw a 700% increase in male teen deaths, but just a 17% increase in female teen deaths.

We were also able to discover from the table above that deaths in male teens have seen a significant increase in 17 of the 20 weeks since a sizeable amount of teens started getting the Covid-19 vaccine, with the remaining 3 weeks registering a 0% increase, a -45% decrease, and a -22% decrease registered in the week ending 17th September.

Whereas deaths among female teens only saw an increase on the previous year in 8 of the 20 weeks since this age group began receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. Five of the 20 weeks saw a 0% increase in deaths on the previous year, whilst 7 of the 20 weeks actually saw a percentage decrease in the number of deaths registered compared to the previous year.

We carried out a full investigation of the above data on Teen deaths which can be viewed here, which clearly shows correlation with emergency calls requesting an ambulance due to cardiac arrest rising to an all time high against the expected level.

When you consider that myocarditis, a condition which causes inflammation of the heart muscle and can lead to cardiac arrest, has been officially added to the safety label of the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines, and is known to occur much more often in males, it’s not hard to work out what’s happening here.

The problem is that it shouldn’t be us, and us alone who are seeing this. The British taxpayer funds several public institutions including the ONS, UKHSA (formerly PHE) , and MHRA (UK Medicine Regulator) which are supposed to be actively monitoring all of this data and looking for warning signs.

Which leaves us with three possible answers –

  1. They’re too stupid to see what’s happening
  2. They’re not looking
  3. They don’t care, and are quite happy to kill Teenagers and Children

81% of Covid-19 deaths are among the vaccinated, Covid-19 deaths are over twelve times higher than this time last year, and deaths among Teen Boys have risen by 63% since they started to get the Covid-19 vaccine, yet the United Kingdom is just carrying on as normal as if none of this is actually happening.

We’ve been saying for weeks now that Australia has fallen, but it turns out the United Kingdom fell a long time ago.

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3 months ago

This is not the first time I have been the first to comment. How’s that? I should be about the last. In my Australian backwater, surely?

Because this information is literally world shattering, is it not?

Whether you believe it or not, either way, it has to be the most staggeringly important doesn’t it?

For if you believe it we’re being wilfully murdered all across ‘our’ world. (Meaning us rich, clever, advanced ‘western’ nations. Thankfully the more human and ordinary parts of the world are not quite as insane).

We are being murdered. Fact.

And if you don’t believe it then isn’t it just as important to you? That there’s people running around claiming governments are willfully and willingly killing people? Doesn’t that make you want to leap to your feet and issue ringing denial and lay about you with graphs and charts and figures and explanations..?

But neither side seems to say anything.

If all the world is treating this so off-handedly I get very doubtful of myself and the articles.

So I download their links, the data referenced, and I work at understanding it.

And I have found no fault yet. In the main. I thought I found fault with a much earlier piece but I can’t be sure, I was at full stretch of my ‘data analysing’ abilities.

But much of what we look at is plain and simple.

Like here where he say Covid deaths are 12 times higher than the same time last year. That’s pretty straight forward.

Not pure, I admit. We’ve all learned that much. We can’t trust any thing. Not one thing. We have to be like super scientists (because there’s no super scientists doing it for us) and get right onto it and query every word.

So like what is ‘covid’. that’s not as simple as you/we/I think.
What is a covid death? That’s another vague, mutable thing.
Who did the reporting?
What does UK mean in this context?

I know.

But you know what i mean. Generally lots of this stuff is quite clearly telling us something true.

There are truths out there.

Amongst the ‘can’t believe it because it is so incredible’ there are truths, many of them, that we can’t avoid seeing, surely?

One of the biggest: governments have willfully denied ivermectin to people. And it could have/would have saved lives. Indisputably. Forget looking at the science, the evidence, the sworn testimony, the trials. It would have saved lives simply by placebo effect on people riddled with anxiety (a prime cause of covid severe event susceptibility).

And there’s heaps more where that came from.

So I’m saying – comment. Wherever you’re coming from. Say whatever you’ve got to say. And share it.

Because I think it is totally important. Of the utmost importance. I do.

In the beginning the truth wasn’t so important, to be somewhat hard hearted, because covid simply wasn’t/isn’t the monster it was made out to be.

Truth or lie didn’t change that.

Then they instituted interventions that started harming people and truth became more important because now there was not just covid harming and killing there were the interventions, too.

But now by all accounts they’re actually injecting poison into people BY LAW in some cases, some places around the world !

So it now is really, really, really important.

OR: if you think I’m wrong. Please tell me.

Last edited 3 months ago by abrogard
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily
Reply to  abrogard
3 months ago

Why aren’t the Aussies serving their Government with Patrick King’s subpoena?

Screenshot Australia King
Reply to  abrogard
3 months ago

Be careful with that Ivermectin line. There are pneumonias and weak conditions which can lead to develop pneumonia caused by worms / parasites. Places like India with high poverty, lack of clean water could resolve ‘covid’ with Ivermectin as they very likely suffered from them. However covid is not only one thing and not only one cause. I can’t see that how Ivermectin could work when covid is a radiation poisoning and on the west it’s more likely that. Or ‘and that’.
The only other explanation that their bioweapon is a parasite distributed but a virus.
Let’s see which one theory has proof:

virus: No. Never was isolated, they can’t isolate viruses and give proof that they are the cause of this or that illness.

radiation: Yes. Visible newly implemented antennas, no safety test. + Graphene oxide was found in flu and covid vaccines, in food, in rain water. + In certain areas close to masts even the Geiger showed radiation, not even microwave radiation you could expect from 4+G and 5G, but proper ionizing radiation from time to time (source with proofS: + the property of graphene oxide which gets excited if gains charge from the environment: mobiles, wifi, other ‘smart toys’, antennas. (sources: Stew Peter Show with Karen Kingston, the first one with her and Quinta Columna).

Parasites: maybe. It was found in Pfizer (so far not in other vaxxes), no report or investigation about the so called ‘covid’ cases which happened before the vax. No matter how likely it’s a parasite no proof only that many says that Ivermectin works. But I am sorry, also many said that covid is real and a virus causes it. (My opinion without proof: very likely. They re-wrote what the Queen husband said a couple of years before his death like I’d like to reincarnate as a parasite to help on the overpopulation. They changed it to virus. There was an online game, Pandemic, we (3 of us) could ‘win’ and kill the whole world only with parasites, bacteria and virus never worked – the satanist elite love to give us ‘clue’, as they did in here:
but still not a proof while radiation is proven and real just like Gr.O.)

Watch Dr Andrew Kaufman on Ivermectin researches and his conclusion.
watch replays menu, part 3, among the extras. He went after it, he is basically a medical detective (sort of, professional witness).

Last edited 3 months ago by GundelP
Reply to  abrogard
3 months ago

Hi, Abrogard. Your comment makes a lot of sense. Part of the silence is because the Daily Exposé got hit by bots and so it was made deliberately more difficult to comment, to discourage the bots. Partly it’s because there is no notification of a reply (as you commented on another article) so any discussion is made much more difficult. Partly the Daily Exposé doesn’t seem to see comments as important – I’ve only ever seen one response by an article author to a comment, whereas comments on articles in TCW Defending Freedom, Corbettreport, Zerohedge etc etc are very active and often have very interesting comment threads.
And partly I think people are wary. They know they are under surveillance by fascists, so they are cautious.
The Daily Exposé is an oddity. Very useful material, but constantly begging for money more than any other site and if you look you’ll see there’s zero transparency. They have now started to sometimes byline their articles but it’s mainly anonymous. I take them with a pinch of salt.
All the best!

Reply to  Sarah
3 months ago

QUOTE: “And partly I think people are wary. They know they are under surveillance by fascists, so they are cautious.”

Is that the same ‘fascists’ that are flooding the west with third world immigrants, promoting abortion, sodomy, destroying the family and ban anything to do with the right-wing, but openly allow anything communist?

Useful idiots, like youself, are a greater threat to Western Civilization than most other dangers combined.

Maria J
Maria J
Reply to  abrogard
2 months ago

I have only one thing to say. The Mark of The Beast.

3 months ago

To the writer of the article. It’s the 3rd. Called depopulation. If they don’t do it with children the population will grow again and soon.
I guess we will see soon that how much truth is in the black eyed babies story. As proof of their transhuman experiment. They age quickly, based on they have skills far earlier than normally babies have. The elite want slaves with short and productive lives while they who live 100+ can act as goods. If you live till 30 but see them having much longer lives you’ll believe they are superior, semi goods or so. And there will be no one among us here to remember.

Lisa Franklin
Lisa Franklin
3 months ago

It’s right, of course, unless it is on the MSM the mind controlled masses will not believe it. That is exactly why they have done it. They know this. These are not dummies. They are dark occultists from the old religion using ancient psychology. The masses have been indoctrinated for years, not educated. Indoctrinated to accept the ideology taught by the state. Outcome based ‘education’ turns out new wokers trained just like the third reich. Our children should be taught the trivium method – grammar, logic and rhetoric at least. Then they would not be brainwashed into slavery.

3 months ago

fake virus… fake tests… fake pandemic…
real killshots… real fascism…

3 months ago

[…] The UK has Fallen – 81% of Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated, Male Teen Deaths have rised b… […]

3 months ago

[…] Check out more from The Expose UK below: […]

Dominic Godfrey
Dominic Godfrey
3 months ago

No sh*t sherlock, we knew this was coming.

Rita Richardson
Rita Richardson
3 months ago

I have written to my MP about my concerns. Telling her that children have good immune systems also extra T cells. That these jabs are injuring and killing them. Lord Bethell admitted in his reply, that ‘they now know that C19 was never a high risk disease !’ But he said, because it spreads easily they were continuing with the ‘vaccines !’ I replied and said it should be stopped now. They are breaking the law and the Nuremburg code. I have not had a reply. But intend to email my MP and ask why !

3 months ago

[…] The UK has Fallen – 81% of Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated, Male Teen Deaths have rised b… […]

3 months ago

Risen *”””

3 months ago

[…] The UK has Fallen – 81% of Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated, Male Teen Deaths have rised b… […]

3 months ago

[…] [ix] The UK has Fallen – 81% of Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated, Male Teen Deaths have rised b… […]

Darren Strachan
Darren Strachan
3 months ago

This data is fantastic. I’m trying to compile as much data as I can in preparation for any legal case I have against my employer if they try to mandate the vaccine. Can this article be used legally? I’d love to get some advice on how to present this sort of data and where to find the original sources and statistics.

Many thanks


3 months ago

When the Govs are under the web of the elite, no Govs are going to look after the interest of the citizens. People need to wake up and fight for the sake of their families. “Wake up Sleeping Souls “
Be conscious of what’s happening around You.