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Official data shows 269 drugs are known to dangerously interact with the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine including the Flu Jab; but both are being given to the elderly and vulnerable at the same time

As predicted, and sure enough labelled “just another conspiracy theory” at the time, those who came forward to “play their part” and help the country “get back to normal” by “rolling up their sleeves” and getting the Covid-19 injection “when called upon to do so” have now discovered that “normal” is just a carrot that will forever be dangled in front of them just ever so slightly out of reach, and are now beginning their endless cycle of Covid-19 booster shots.

Although the authorities won’t officially admit it, it turns out the Covid-19 injections only work for a couple of months, at which point alleged immunity begins to decline. This is of course evident by the numbers seen in the latest UK Health Security Agency Report which reveal that the Covid-19 injections currently have negative effectiveness as low as minus-eighty-eight-percent in everyone over the age of 30, suggesting they are actually destroying the immune systems of the recipients.

Which is why the elderly, vulnerable, and health and social care staff are currently being offered a “booster” shot of mainly the experimental Pfizer mRNA injection, with everyone over the age of 50 in the queue waiting to be called upon to “do their duty”.

Reports state that as of October 9th 2021, over two million people in England have now had their third Covid-19 vaccine dose out of the 30 million eligible.

But there is another infectious virus which everyone seems to have forgotten ever existed, and judging by the official figures published by the World Health Organisation, had been completely eradicated in 2020.

That infectious virus is Influenza, and its eradication last year of course has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Covid-19 PCR test is unable to distinguish between the alleged Covid-19 virus and Influenza virus.

But the rumour is that the Flu is going to return this winter with a vengeance, so the UK Government has extended its offer of a free Flu jab to over 40 million Brits, including all school children up to the age of 16.

So, after spending 2020 being the National Covid-19 Service, and then 10 long months of this year being the National Vaccination Service, the NHS has decided to continue to concentrate on injecting chemicals into the arms of millions, rather than clearing the backlog of at least 5 million patients waiting for urgent treatment for all those other ailments that we seem to have forgotten even existed since March 2020.

But to do this they of course need to save time, so it has been decided that the influenza vaccine and Covid-19 vaccines can be administered in the the same session, with one shot in each arm.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (which was recently overruled by Chris Whitty after they had decided the risks of giving an experimental Covid-19 injection to children did not outweigh the benefits), announced on the 14th September that a Covid-19 booster vaccine campaign should commence imminently to care home residents, all adults over 50, frontline health and social care workers, and those aged 16-49 with underlying health conditions.

They also stated that “where operationally expedient, Covid-19 and Influenza vaccines may be co-administered”.

A recent ITV News article also informed the public that they may be offered a Covid-19 jab in one arm and the flu vaccine in the other on the same day.

As did an article from The Independent which stated that “Yes, you can get the shots in the same visit”, in answer to the question of whether a person can get the flu and Covid-19 vaccines at the same time?

But is there any evidence that this is safe?

As we know there is no long-term safety data on the Covid-19 vaccines, let alone data on whether or not it can be administered alongside the flu jab. Which is why it’s interesting to find a list of contra-indications for the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection shows that 269 drugs are known to interact with the Covid-19 vaccine, 268 of which are “moderately clinically significant”, meaning combinations should usually be avoided except for under “special circumstances.

The full list can be found on, a site that “provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products.” and complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information.

To our surprise (not), we discovered that several of the drugs listed as moderately clinically significant as interactions with the Pfizer vaccine, are all of the different flu jabs, the ones currently being administered in the right arms of the elderly and vulnerable whilst they receive a dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 injection in the other.

The description for the interaction between the flu shot and Pfizer Covid-19 injection states that “the safety and effectiveness of SARS-CoV-2-mRNA (Pfizer) vaccine given at the same time with another vaccine or within a show period of each other have not been studied.” and that advice should be sought from a doctor.

Do you think they have many doctors in the pop-up vaccine tents in your local Asda car park?

It’s also interesting to note that for many of the other drugs listed as contraindications to the Pfizer jab such as budesonide, a drug that is available as an inhaler to treat asthma, the official advise states that “if you are currently being treated or have recently been treated with budesonide, you should let your doctor know before receiving SARS-CoV-2-mRNA (Pfizer) vaccine”.

Approximately 8 million people in the UK suffer from asthma. How many of those do you think were asked if they were taking budesonide to treat it prior to receiving a shot in the arm from Mary “Twenty jabs a minute” Taylor? Who was trained how to administer a vaccine after watching a five minute video on Youtube that had the official NHS logo.

The answer of course will be very little.

The point is that people have been experimented on throughout 2021 with a “vaccine” that does not conclude clinical trials until 2023, and very little effort has been made to explain the actual risks and retrieve proper informed consent.

And now they are continuing to experiment on the public by offering them a Covid-19 vaccine in one arm and a Flu jab in the other, when official data clearly shows that there is no clinical data to support this.

Except there is, sort of.

A recent study conducted by University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust is being used to justify the safety of the decision to administer the COVID and Flu shot at the same time. However, closer inspection confirms that the study is only a pre-print and has not yet been peer-reviewed. In fact, the study was so quick to go to print that half the data is missing.

But we did find something interesting in the pre-print results of the study on administering both shots at the same time. The authors state that “of the 254 participants reporting one of more systemic reaction in the concomitant Covid-19 and influenza vaccine group, 14 reported at least one severe adverse reaction (5.4%), compared to 6 out of 239 participants in the Covid-19 vaccine alone group (2.5%).

For context just 679 participants took part in the study, with 340 in the Flu and Covid jab group, and 339 in the Covid-19 jab only group.

But what this pre-print study actually shows is that the rate of severe adverse reactions is 116% higher in the group who had both the flu jab and Covid-19 jab, compared to the group who only had the Covid-19 jab. How is this not a serious cause for concern?

Plus, if we translate those figures into the real world where 40 million Brits are being offered the flu jab, and 30 million are being offered a Covid-19 booster shot, meaning 30 million people could potentially be given both jabs at the same time, we could see as many as 162,000 people suffering an extremely serious adverse reaction.

There isn’t any clinical data to prove that the Covid-19 vaccine and Influenza vaccine being administered at the same time is safe. In fact, the only data available, which is a pre-print study, proves quite the opposite.

So make no mistake, the people coming forward to “play their part” and help the country “get back to normal” by “rolling up their sleeves” and getting the Covid-19 injection and Flu jab “when called upon to do so” are taking part in a real life experiment, and a dangerous one at that.

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Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
1 month ago

I read that the “old” egg way of making Flu vaccines have been replaced by mRNA instead, so if you get both shots at the same time, you are getting two mRNA jabs at the same time and this:
An email by Philip Dormitzer, Pfizer’s chief scientific officer, who, after spilling the beans that the vaccines are “ultimately derived from an aborted fetus,” proudly proclaims that “the Vatican doctrinal committee has confirmed that they consider it acceptable for Pro-Life believers to be immunized.” (RT)
So whose little, aborted, dead body, did your Pfizer jab come from?

eileen bailey
eileen bailey
Reply to  Richard Noakes
1 month ago

It was not a dead aborted fetus. .it was from a little girl baby born viable and killed without anaesthetic because to do so would render the kidneys it cut from the alive baby girl useless. HEK293 line was created in early 1970 faith 292 going before this little girl.

This was admitted under foi request to university of pittsburg….but before this an article was written about the whole satanic scheme by Anna Marie Cardinoli in Crisis Magazine.

Pfizerr has been trying to keep this from the public but project Veritas had a whistleblower who showed the emails…..all the vaccines have always used fetuses and viable babies they call aborted fetuses…but they have to be alive when they cut the organs they use. Where is the outcry? Headlines in msm? Questions in parliament?? They all know about it.

At a trial in USA planned Parenthood had to admit they sold viable fetuses …some universities and clinic order beating hearts….etc etc. They all need executing.

And you should know if you are registered as an organ donor and even if you are not…your organs will be cut from your body while you are alive..exactly the same reasons apply. They paralyse you so you can hear but can’t speak…they say you are brain dead and perhaps some are….they keep changing the definition with less and less rules….but hey…there’s lots of money for a liver or a kidney or s heart.

Why did you think I’m government altered the rules that unless you wrote in and said to NHS Organ donation you don’t want your organs donated they will take them..lots of money for NHS…..and will they lose your form? Who knows?

Reply to  eileen bailey
1 month ago

When did Anna Maria Cardinoli write about this, because I have been crying out against the wind about this – elsewhere – for years, decades even…?
The proning-paralysing-pressurised oxygen “treatment” allowed for many organs to be removed from “Covid” patients before the final push of oxygen to burst their lungs to kill them.
The “isolation” was to minimise witnesses.
Secret autopsies in Italy and USA have found holes in the lungs of “covid” patients. Note that the “target group” were vulnerable seniors, living alone with minimal family support and only a monthly visit to the doc as their solitary social life. Hope to be able to donate here soon…It’s a most worthy site!

1 month ago

[…] October 11, 2021Official data shows 269 drugs are known to dangerously interact with the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine inc… […]

1 month ago

[…] « Quelque chose de grave se passe. Pfizer n’a pas caché dans ses contre-indications la liste des médicaments ou vaccins à NE PAS UTILISER EN MÊME TEMPS que leur vaccin ! Ils en ont même référencé 269 ! Dont, tenez-vous bien, LE VACCIN CONTRE LA GRIPPE ! Et différents gouvernements veulent le donner en MÊME TEMPS !! Peuvent-ils être juste IGNARES ? » […]

1 month ago

[…] – Official data shows 269 drugs are known to dangerously interact with the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine inc… […]

1 month ago

[…] October 11, 2021Official data shows 269 drugs are known to dangerously interact with the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine inc… […]

1 month ago

Apologies in advance if my math is wrong but 5.4% of 30 million people is 1,620,000 and not ‘162,000 people suffering an extremely serious adverse reaction’. If correct, we go from dreadful to disastrous.

Reply to  GerorgeST
1 month ago

It’s already disastrous my friend. More than 162,000 have already died from the death jab.

1 month ago

[…] Official data shows 269 drugs are known to dangerously interact with the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine inc… […]

1 month ago

Flu season follows flu vax season. That is, the Flu vaxes bring on the flu.
By all appearances, the Flu vaxes of 2019 were tampered with by Faux-Zhi and co in UNC, then brought to Wuhan for “testing” and mass production.
It was an unusual flu – with one or two intense days, but most recovered from it – those who did best avoided orthodox treatments.
All of the deaths appeared to have occurred in hospital where the “treatment” can only be described as INTENTIONALLY HOMICIDAL.
If it was not intentionally designed to murder, then all concerned should immediately lose all licenses to practice and be confined to a contemporay Chateau di Charenton….
The world is now hostage to intentionally, fully premeditated GENOCIDAL practices.

1 month ago

[…] Pati Sol 27 Oct 2021 at 5:02 pm Oficjalne dane pokazują, że 269 leków niebezpiecznie wchodzi w interakcje ze szczepionką Pfizer Covid-19, w tym szczepionką na grypę; ale obydwa są jednocześnie dane osobom starszym i bezbronnym. . […]