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Dr Vernon Coleman – “Governments around the world are clearly planning to kill us”

Watch Dr Vernon Coleman’s latest video below –

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1 month ago

[…] Watch Dr Vernon Coleman’s latest video below – Source link […]

1 month ago

There is a website, deagel (com), it had (they removed or hide) a forecast of population of every countries for 2025. It was 14 million for the UK. How will the rest disappear?
It was almost similarly worse for all of the richer west countries and for the US, while countries like China and Russia were almost unaffected.
This website is a kind of intelligence website, rumor sais it belongs to the C. I. A. It also has the military equipment of countries and things like this, I doubt that a couple of talented web user only googled the info together…

Reply to  GundelP
1 month ago

The archive is here:

My understanding is that Deagel is a private intelligence company that is used by the CIA and CIA cutouts like Stratfor.

1 month ago

I can’t see that they’d be deliberately planning to kill us. But I could see easily enough that they’d do it inadvertently. for that’s what they’re currently doing aren’t they? They’ve been warned for more than a year by sunetra gupta and collateralglobal about domestic deaths and injuries and the horrifically enormous consequences overseas and they’d totally ignored all of it.
All of it.
So yes. Mad, insane, over the top, fairy story looney sounding as it is I could believe it could happen.

I mean. who would believe that they’d have Australia doing this? Walking around in useless masks on empty beaches in the sun and wind?

Forcing useless and dangerous injections on people on the pretext that it will stop the spread of a (fairly harmless) infection when there’s staggering amounts of evidence that they won’t/don’t – a whole rich nation of it: Israel !!

Letting near two years go by with never a word to the people about how to enhance their immune systems or the crucial importance of them.

Encouraging the unaware to believe that vaccines actually do something: ‘fight’ a virus or something, rather than merely prompt, partially prompt, attempt to prompt, your own immune system to deal with the virus.

Banning actual medicines not only for self medication but not even allowing doctors to give them: ivermectin.!!

The data begins to come in. People dying and injured as a direct consequence of those crazy ‘policies’. Missed surgeries, missed diagnoses, missed medications….

All effectively murders.

Yep. I can believe it could come out as he says. Staggering though the thought is. But you look at it. How do you see it? The killing is happening right now, isn’t it?

1 month ago

[…] October 20, 2021Dr Vernon Coleman – “Governments around the world are clearly planning to kill us” […]

1 month ago

While the MSM condemns the use of ivermectin, the most populated state in India just declared they are officially COVID free after promoting widespread use of the safe, proven medicine. In addition to this, Ivermectin attaches to covid spikes and prevents them from binding to ACE2. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can!

Last edited 1 month ago by PatrioticDuty01
1 month ago

[…] October 20, 2021Dr Vernon Coleman – “Governments around the world are clearly planning to kill us” […]

1 month ago

[…] October 20, 2021Dr Vernon Coleman – “Governments around the world are clearly planning to kill us” […]