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Is there a Chinese style Social Credit System on its way to the UK?


It is impossible to speak of government surveillance and Social Credit systems without citing China. Back in 2014 the Chinese authorities had set out their plan to implement the social credit system which had the objective of “raising the honest mentality and credit levels of the entire society”. The “Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System” (2014-2020) was published in 2014 and was implemented only a year later.

Touted as an important component part of the Socialist market economy system and the social governance system, China’s social credit system combines government and business surveillance giving citizens a “score” that can potentially restrict their ability to take actions, such as purchasing plane tickets, acquiring property or taking loans all due to their behaviours. This may seem to be focused solely on financial creditworthiness, which is where it began, but the credit system advanced to include compliance and legal violations and now encompasses a broader notion of “trust”

The eventual ‘end-state’ of the system is a unified record for people, businesses, and the government, which can be monitored in real-time.

By Patricia Harrity


Nevertheless, it is not solely all about the financial behaviours, the inherent requirements of the social credit system (SCS) are to establish a “sincerity culture”.  A common theme within the policy goals is  three distinct but interconnected terms: xinyong, zhengxin, and chengxin. Zhengxin refers to credit reporting, evaluating individuals and businesses creditworthiness. Chengxin, said to be one of the Xi administration’s “core socialist values”, has various translations: trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, or sincerity all desirable behaviours within society.  The term Xinyong, carries connotations of both zhengxin and chengxin referring to not only financial creditworthiness but also the quality of an individual or an organization for being trustworthy and contract-abiding. With an aim to carry forward the “ethical norms, citizens morals and trust-keeping traditional culture of the nation”, the authorities “fully give rein to the propaganda and guiding roles of television, radio, newspapers” drive home and shape the behaviour”.


China's surveillance state - Global JournalistArtificial Intelligence (AI) facial recognition software is said to be currently utilized in tandem with over 200 million surveillance cameras in China , giving officials the ability to track every facet of the citizens lives.

Mass surveillance in turn provides masses of data to easier determine individuals are acting in a trustworthy way or worthy of being blacklisted. Blacklisting opportunities can also be found online where the Chinese government continues to track behaviours of its citizens and evidence of writing and sharing anti-government messages.  Then there is the AI software which is advanced enough to be able to alert authorities when violations occur and can identify protests towards government policies and block them.


Points can be lost from a social credit score for numerous offenses, some are as trivial as not visiting parents on a regular basis, walking a dog without a lead, smoking in a no smoking zone, jaywalking… Blacklisting occurs for more serious violations and has a negative impact on the privileges afforded to individuals. Thousands have had their rights to buy plane tickets and travel either domestically or abroad taken away from them.

                  List of Blacklisted individuals barred from plane or rail travel


Although the introduction of a unified SCS was announced in a formal fashion in 2014 they have not gone from A-Z in a few short years. China has operated with precursors to this system for centuries with the philosophy behind it arguably being traced back to the ‘warring states’ era and the varying schools of thought:   Confucianism  – individual well-being was connected to good character, and the proper functioning of society as a whole.  Mohism  – humans should care for each other equally and advocated a society where all were treated impartially. And Legalism  emphasized the importance of laws, strictly enforced from above, to preserve social order, this has remained the most dominant. (Source). The Chinese way of life therefore would allow us to believe that they are more malleable and accepting of the SCS scheme which is only expanding and automatising the existing bureaucratic control by adding technology and formality. 


But could this work in a westernised nation? A Netflix series Black Mirror written by Charlie Brooker  observed, albeit in an exaggerated, satirical fashion, how accepting of a social media credit system much of society is.  Nosedive, released in 2016 looked at the relationship between people, their mobile phones and social media and the obsession with being judged well in a system that enabled ranking of each other’s behaviours judged well in a system that enabled ranking of each other’s behaviours.



However, this is not how the SCS works in China, in the places where it has been implemented it can be much worse. It is also not up and running everywhere in China as we have been led to believe, it has been implemented in certain areas and has not always been successfully continued.


Why, then would it be assumed that we, in the UK, who unlike the Chinese have not had very long to be prepared for such a system, will accept it?

 The “window of opportunity”, created by Klaus Schwab was an opportunity for leaders of nation states to catapult the citizens into a fascist, dictatorial Fourth Industrial Revolution . According to the World Economic Forum (WEF this is a “fundamental Change  in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technology advances” The crisis that is COVID primed and prepared society by demanding unquestioning compliance to nonsensical rules, extra surveillance, outrageous media propaganda, stripping away our Human Rights and censorship. Cancel Culture too has been rife forcing people to restrain from voicing opinions opposing the government and masses, or risk being ostracized from certain online communities and also social and professional circles.


The demands made on the British people throughout the crisis do not align with the norms and values of our society, yet we are about to be thrust further into a dictatorial governance aided by advances in technology and AI. This will begin with a softer approach (think Boiling frog), in a government pilot scheme announced in July 2021 to run what they termed their “Healthy Incentives Programme”.


Focusing on those living in England with excess weight and obesity the scheme aims to incentivise healthier choices and behaviours with rewards such as vouchers, merchandise, discounts, and gift cards. Partnering with the government is a company called HeadUp who have created an app using “wearable technology” with “recent advances in AI” will launch in January 2022.  Clearly the government are using the fact that the New Year resolutions are still in people’s conscious minds and the topic “weight loss” is the most popular in online searches.  Therefore by “giving the people what they want” they are lulling us into a false sense of security but the next addition to the surveillance is ready to be implemented.


A company named Finalyse have already created a system,  Machine Learning which will use behavioural scoring. Soon this technology will be scoring our fitness levels, eating habits, and credit scores, shopping preferences, social media posts, or how nice we have been to next doors cat.

What is to be a good citizen or display “good behaviour” will be in accordance with what the government deems it to be . There will be no difference in outward views, no individuality, just a society of obedient submissive round pegs that fit into the round holes created for them.  Are the British people going to be content with this fundamental change?  Surely, if the SCS has not been overly successful in China, there should be no chance of it working in the UK? It looks like we’re about to find out…

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1 month ago

Viper Room
NO “smart” phone, NO tracking device, NO Qr code, NO virus.

Kill the beast now and while you are at it destroy that damn Teeeeeee Veeeeeee too.
If you have an evil “smart” phone nesting like a viper in your pocket or tightly grasped in your simian fist as if it were some kind of extirpated still pulsating body appendage or brain abortion as the case may be, then you are part of the problem and will never contribute anything of worth to stop the real zombie virus that is leading the herd of mutton over the cliff, at least not until you smash your personalized tracking demon to bits. Slouching naked apes thumb jabbing their hand held thingies and drooling over their idiot gizmos are no longer fully human, rather mindless mutton-headed interfaces with nobody home, or seldom available as they spend their pathetic half-lives peering down the black hole of their tacky, third rate NWO Chinese junk shop virtual “reality”. It’s like listening to East Germans, that were surveilled by STASI psychopaths 24/7 before the Wall was moved, explaining how free they became (at least until 2 years back) even as they exhibit the same nauseating “smart” phone ticks and prosthetic brain addictions as their thoroughly brainwashed cousins in the West while they themselves, without question, pay through the nose for this constant monitoring of their lives and interference from goons and “nudging” by the psychopaths that own the so-called “social media platforms” of Fecesbook, Twatter, EweTueb, Goggle and ilk…”safe” spaces where the sheeple bleat.
Though the STASI orphans should have known better, they too have already been consumed whole by trans humanist Mickey Mouse BS so the logical next step for the reptilians in charge is to pump their graphene oxide and nano dirt directly to their ovine brains and put them under complete remote control where monkey man never again has to miss a Twatter outburst or a Goggle command or Fecesbook “breaking news” fart or whatever crap they get from their blinking, prosthetic, vital organ when they deep dive into their amoled glass swamp. By all means you four-legged critters of the herd do download the “essential updates” in your monthly covaids “booster” death vaxx squirt to become a truly fulfilled silicon meat puppet like the rest of the protoplasm squirming around you. Your viper in residence and its Qr coded commands (straight from the hell that you couldn’t wait to jump into) will indeed award you with the appropriate Chicom slash NWO credits for being an obedient and soulless slave of the hell on Earth they are now erecting for the dying herd as the last stage of this dystopian farce plays out.
Otherwise kill your diabolic “smart” phone or shut up already. If you can’t do something that simple yourself, as one who claims to “get it”, then why should you expect the herd not to willfully poison itself considering they are no longer in control of anything in their miserable existences other than shoving stuff in their facial orifice or squeezing shit out their sphincter end as the case may be, in between perusing their “smart” phone smut and kitty litter videos, as they proudly and dutifully exhibit their covaids death squirt status Qr code to every jackbooted robopig thug that demands compliance as they go about their shameful and soon to be terminated lives…all in the prurient interest of course of the demons that unleashed this genocide and “watched over by machines of love and grace”. When the 5G towers and soon the 6G towers light up in the coming Dark Winter then the real electronic gulag will become apparent to even the most challenged leg of mutton out there in the pathetic human herd.
Never let any psychopath in your pocket or your life that is obviously “smarter” than you.
“Smart” phone macht dumb
But PfiZer macht frei …. permanently

Your kakistocracy only wants what’s best for
you…..nudge..nudge…wink…sputter…. cackle…..$quirt!
Professor Mattias Desmet on EweTueb “How can so many still buy into the narrative”

Reply to  Malatok
1 month ago


1 month ago

[…] October 29, 2021Is there a Chinese style Social Credit System on its way to the UK? […]

Adam Glover
Adam Glover
1 month ago

Uea, it seems almost inevitable unfortunately. Great article btw, informative and well researched 👍

1 month ago

[…] October 29, 2021Is there a Chinese style Social Credit System on its way to the UK? […]

1 month ago

[…] October 29, 2021Is there a Chinese style Social Credit System on its way to the UK? […]

1 month ago

Be Aware, this was all premeditated.
Here is the smoking gun.

Are you ready for dabomb?

“The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide
training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate
release of a lethal respiratory pathogen. “

This is an extract taken from this official UN DOCUMENT.


1 month ago

[…] October 29, 2021Is there a Chinese style Social Credit System on its way to the UK? […]

1 month ago

Surely the Chinese Social Credit system is already here with NHS Track & Trace? People can be put under two week house arrest (indefinitely extended) through the app if they happen to happen to have checked in at a venue the government decides to target (“experienced an outbreak of Covid”). Do they really not have access to personal data to track and target specific individuals as well? It’s not as if the NHS has been secretive about it’s collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party to develop such technologies:

Reply to  Dominic
1 month ago

Try losing your ‘job’ for saying the queen is a witch, or getting banned from flying because you are overweight, or being prevented from living in some place because you failed to pay your ‘rent’ in a previous place, or being banned from going into a pub because you were arrested for being drunk, or being grassed up for breaking any of the hundreds of laws by your ‘friends’ and relatives and ‘neighbours’, or being shunned by everyone because your ‘rating’ is too low. Fun isn’t it? But it’s a good way to ensure that nobody ever questions anything you force down their throats, and it keeps the riff raff from ever rising out of their designated ‘level’. Personally, I don’t want any part of your ‘society’, but then I never did.

1 month ago

[…] October 29, 2021Is there a Chinese style Social Credit System on its way to the UK? […]

1 month ago

[…] October 29, 2021Is there a Chinese style Social Credit System on its way to the UK? […]