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A Deadly Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated – Worldwide data from 185 nations proves the highest Covid-19 Death rates are in the most vaccinated countries

Covid-19 vaccines have not only failed worldwide by every metric, they are in fact increasing both infection and mortality rates. The more we vaccinate, the worse they both become. Rather than being safe and effective, hundreds of millions of case numbers and millions of deaths prove that the Covid-19 vaccines are not just ineffective but also deadly, and we have the data to prove it…


Data was analysed from the ‘Our World in Data’ site of Johns Hopkins University on 247 million Covid-19 cases from the very start of the pandemic to October 31st 2021, for all 185 nations where they have data on both the percentage of people vaccinated, the cumulative confirmed cases per million, and the cumulative deaths per million.

The results on the average cases and average deaths per million people were as follows –


The charts and graphs show…

  1. The above shows that the incidence of cases increases fairly linearly with the percentage of vaccinated people at a rate of 800 cases per million per extra percentage vaccinated.
  2. Heavily vaccinated countries (over 60%) have 3x the case rates of lightly vaccinated countries (under 20%) and have 7x the case rates of very lightly vaccinated countries (under 10%).
  3. Raw death rates from Covid-19 increase with vaccination percentage from 0% to 50-60% and then decrease thereafter. Heavily vaccinated countries (over 60%) have twice the Covid-19 death rates of lightly vaccinated countries.
  4. The death rates are very high for partially vaccinated countries and come down for highly vaccinated countries because the old are vaccinated first. This skews the early or partially vaccinated death rates against vaccination because the unvaccinated group have a lower average age.

    But by the time 80-90% are vaccinated, everyone has had the chance to be jabbed and the age skewing will have almost vanished. So the age adjusted death rate will run in a straight line from around 120 deaths per million for unvaccinated nations to around 600 deaths per million for fully vaccinated nations.

    On that basis this data shows that each percentage of vaccination increases the death rate by around 6 deaths per million
  5. This data shows that a 2nd Jab offers no significant benefit over a 1st jab. 

The inescapable conclusion from all the data we have up to October 31 is that vaccines increase case numbers by 3x-7x and increase death rates from Covid-19 by 2x-4x..

This is not a representative sample of a few thousand cases or deaths from one nation. It is the full study of all the cases so far in every reporting nation. The results are in. There is a massive positive correlation between vaccination percentage and case numbers and deaths.

Covid-19 vaccination has been the largest experimental intervention in the history of medical science. The work of every Government statistics department in 185 nations collated by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore has produced the largest cohort study ever to be considered. We include the full dataset used below for further analysis by interested parties.

These vaccines are reducing the immunity of the vaccinated and killing them. Vaccinated people are then spreading Covid-19 to the unvaccinated (who would have achieved herd immunity had vaccines never been deployed – as has historically been the case with other viruses), and many of those have died too. This has been an entirely negative intervention.

The death rates above are not all cause mortality. They exclude deaths due to side effects  So the true vaccinated death numbers will be even larger.

In heavily vaccinated nations such as the UK, the case rate in the fully vaccinated over 30’s is presently only 23-55% higher than the case rate in the unvaccinated. But the case rate in the unvaccinated is elevated due to infection by vaccinated people.

The media narrative is that the unvaccinated are infecting the vaccinated. This data indisputably shows that the reverse is the case. This has now become a pandemic of the vaccinated. They are increasing the case numbers in the unvaccinated – because their immune systems are being damaged by the vaccines. That is what the fairly straight and very steep line in the case numbers graph is declaring.

Had there been no vaccination in the UK our figures would now be more like those of the African countries at the bottom left of the graph. One of the clearest ways to see that the vaccinated are infecting the unvaccinated is the comparison of  71% vaccinated Israel with 27% vaccinated Palestine. The graph shows Israel leading Palestine in cases and dragging them up above the world average case level.

The death rates suffer from age bias. That is the cause of the hill shaped rather than linear profile of their graph. Immunologically one would expect the true behaviour, with the confounding factor of age removed, to vary linearly with vaccination percentage. It should go down if vaccines work and go up if they do not. Plainly they do not.

The all cause mortality rates will be even worse for the vaccinated due to deaths not from Covid, but from vaccine side effects such as coagulopathy, and increased viral susceptibility. The Office of National Statistics in the UK (ONS) produces all cause mortality figures by vaccination status. which in their raw form have higher death rates in the vaccinated than they do in the unvaccinated – see here

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Here is the table of the data we used taken from –  

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