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The Ongoing Evidence of The Important Role Vitamin D Plays in Our Bodies’ Defence Against Viral and Bacterial Infections

Vitamin D plays an important role in most diseases, including infectious disease.  Mounting evidence reveals that optimising vitamin D levels among the general population would significantly lower Covid-19 incidence and death as researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that higher vitamin D levels reduce rates of positive tests, hospitalizations and mortality related to this infection.

Since April 2020 Dr. Chris Steel, ‘Dr. Chris’ on ITV’s This Morning, has been urging the public to take vitamin D to help fight coronavirus and “keep our immune systems in shape.”

Could Vitamin D Help Protect You from The Virus? 20 May 2020 (7 mins)

In December 2020, Dr. David Grimes, a consultant physician at Manchester Royal Infirmary, published an article comparing the efficacy of the “vaccines” and vitamin D.  Assuming we have summarised correctly, he calculated:

  • Calcifediol / Vitamin D: Efficacy = 96%. Cost per death prevented £10
  • Pfizer injection: Efficacy = 90% & 95%.  Cost per death prevented $243,000 & $ 140,000
  • Moderna injection: Efficacy = 95% approx. Cost per death prevented $88,000 or $437,500
  • AstraZeneca injection: Efficacy = 90%. Cost per death prevented $17,800

Dr. Grimes concluded: “Giving vitamin D now would reduce the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic before the vaccines are widely used. Also, vitamin D is necessary to activate the immune system so as to allow the vaccine to induce a good response.”

We now know the Covid injections are nowhere near the efficacy claimed by the pharmaceutical companies in order to get their drug to market.  Instead the “vaccines” have negative effectiveness and do not work. However, the effectiveness of vitamin D remains unchanged.

In December 2020 Ivor Cummins spoke with Dr. Grimes, Dr. David Anderson and Chris Williams about vitamin D.  Vitamin D is such a pivotal part of our metabolic machinery including the functionality of our immune system that it can be the difference between life and death, quite literally. Why aren’t we all talking about this?

 “So much information has been gathered during the course of this year concerning vitamin D that it’s impossible for people to absorb that information and put it into perspective. It’s too big a subject for people to get their minds around it, even the people at the Royal College of Physicians,” Dr. Grimes said, “but a retrospective is going to be written about this pandemic, hopefully by David and I, and we’ll then be able to put it all down.  And this is the learning, what have we learned from this pandemic, and it will all be centered around vitamin D.”

Ivor Cummins: Vitamin D and Viral Special with Dr. David Grimes, Dr. David Anderson, Chris Williams,
28 December 2020 (60 mins)

With some additions, the below are excerpts from articles by Dr. Joseph Mercola originally published on 22 February 2021 and last updated on 4 October 2021.  As Dr. Mercola is heavily censored and removes his articles after 48 hours we have attached, at various points, pdf copies of his articles within which are links to his references.

In January 2021, a preprint Spanish study found giving supplemental vitamin D3 (calcifediol) to hospitalized patients with PCR-confirmed Covid-19 — in addition to standard care — reduced ICU admissions by 82% and mortality by 64%.  People who already had higher vitamin D at baseline were 60% less likely to die.

In response to this study, which has since been retracted, British MP David Davis tweeted: “the hospitals should consider giving vitamin D3 to every Covid patient in every hospital in the temperate latitudes.” Since other, peer-reviewed, studies support higher vitamin D levels being connected to a better chance of survival from Covid, it seems reasonable that Davis’ suggestion is not out of line, regardless of the one retracted article.

Also calling for official vitamin D recommendations was Emer Higgins, a member of the Irish political party Fine Gael, who called on the Irish health minister, Stephen Donnelly, to include vitamin D supplementation in its “Living with COVID-19” strategy, slated for launch at the end of February 2021.

Higgins leaned on evidence from the Irish Covit-D Consortium, which shows vitamin D helps optimise your immune response. “There is negligible risk in this strategy and potentially a massive gain,” she said.  According to the Covit-D Consortium, the nutrient can lower the risk of death from Covid in the elderly by as much as 700%.

Another study found vitamin D is a contributing factor to Covid outbreaks and infection severity. Surges in daily positive tests during the autumn of 2020 in 18 European countries linearly correlate with latitude, and, hence, sun exposure and vitamin D levels.

Research published by the University of Cantabria found that 82.2% of 216 coronavirus patients tested deficient in vitamin D.  And another study, published in the BMJ Nutrition Prevention and Health journal, found that higher levels of vitamins A, E and D are linked to fewer ‘respiratory complaints’ in adults.

“More than 80% of hospital patients with Covid-19 lack vitamin D, which is among vitamins linked to fewer respiratory complaints, studies have found.

Scientists have warned that vitamin D deficiency in ‘high-risk individuals’ should be identified and treated.

Many studies have pointed to the beneficial effect of vitamin D on the immune system, especially regarding protection against infections.” – Pulse, 2 November 2020

Another study showed that vitamin D and albumin both play a role in the severity, progression and possible prevention of Covid.  The outcomes were so compelling that the study’s authors stated “Vitamin D status appears to be strongly associated with Covid-19 clinical severity. After Covid confirmation, Vitamin D level should be measured in all patients and curative plus preventive therapy should be initiated.”

The latest preprint study published on 25 September 2021 suggested that it may be possible to “prevent or mitigate” new Covid outbreaks by simply raising people’s vitamin D3 levels to 50 ng/ml or above. Even though they said they believe vaccination is part of the fight against Covid, they added that the ongoing evidence of the part vitamin D plays in the risk for contracting the infection is especially important because the virus continues to mutate, which challenges the effectiveness of the vaccines.

One of the reasons vitamin D is so important against Covid has to do with its influence on T cell responses. Animal research published in 2014 explained how vitamin D receptor signals regulate T cell responses and therefore play an important role in our bodies’ defence against viral and bacterial infections.

A British Nutrition Foundation survey revealed that almost half of British adults (49%) are not aware of the Government’s recommendation to consider taking vitamin D supplements during the autumn and winter months. During autumn and winter in the UK, UV levels from the sun are not strong enough for us to make vitamin D in our skin.  The Government advises everyone to consider taking a daily vitamin D supplement of 10 micrograms from October-March.

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2 months ago

Why does everyone think popping pills/taking jabs is the answer to everything? You get enough vitamins from your food and the sun. You don’t need any more (unless you eat dirt for your diet). For millions of years people miraculously survived until the pill pedlars turned up.

eileen bailey
eileen bailey
Reply to  pillsorjabitmakesnodifference
2 months ago

Did you know that we used to have vit d added to lots of products as it was known how much it was needed by the body…it is really a type of hormone… some research instead of writing such uninformed rubbish.

The tavistock institute through their newly set up dentists etc arranged for it’s removal ..iodine so very needed by the body was removed from salt too. You can’t even buy it at the chemist and only hospitals use it to swab you with before ops etc.but every household had iodine. Also every child was dosed with cod liver oil for vitamin d and orange juice for vitamin c. And free milk at school..again vit d and calcium.

Do you know Rockefeller who owns the medical industrial complex and universities medical schools dentists etc etc has until now been the richest person on this planet until Elon musk has knocked him off for the moment. Rockefeller got that rich by starting off selling patent cough syrup probably with heroin in and then went into oil and then branched into petroleum based medicine..look at vaseline for a start.

…he got mega rich by people holding their arm out to be injected and not asking what are you putting in my body..he continues to get rich because people are still not asking the question…WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING IN MY BODY????

2 months ago

[…] – The Ongoing Evidence of The Important Role Vitamin D Plays in Our Bodies’ Defence Against Viral an… […]

2 months ago

our food is not enough anymore its genetically modified and has little nutrients

Reply to  Miss
2 months ago

If your food was “not enough anymore” then (before the ‘covid’ BS began) you’d have been dropping dead from malnutrition. If that were the case, do you care to explain all the bloated fatties wobbling around the uk, america, europe, etc?

Reply to  huh
2 months ago

We are surviving on far less nutrients than 100 years ago .. 🤦🏻‍♀️Globalisation the videos above are worth watching to gain understanding of whats really happrning to the planet, mankind wants to be God

Reply to  huh
2 months ago

Some of it is overeating and lack of exercise, but if you are smart enough to remember Wolf-Chaikoff effect and now the Jud Basedow syndrome.
Plus, many foods and medicines have antagonists to Iodine.

eileen bailey
eileen bailey
Reply to  huh
2 months ago

They are bloated because they eat wrong foods the body cannot deal with. Seed oils in every ready meal and vegetable oils are not good for the body and so fat is distributed around the body. In the 50s no one saw the fat bodies that are here now ..cancer was one in 800 it’s one in two. That’s the neurotoxins and other chemicals in the vaccines chemicals in food air and water..

fluoride according to experts will cause cancer quicker than any other chemical. Why aren’t people marching to their councils demanding this deadly neurotoxin is removed from our water? The councils have the power to order it’s removal.
Do you realise it’s the chemical waste from the scrubbers of the phosphate aluminium and nuclear industries? Do you know it’s so deadly it eats through concrete but your councils think it’s more economical to dispose of it in our water than pay the heavy costs of disposing of it safely in the earth. Not allowed to pollute the fish…only humans.

How many children are dying now from previously unknown bone cancers? Also costs the pineal gland…responsible for moral conduct neurological functions etc. And don’t get me started on glysophates in our bread.
Robbing us of free energy that people enjoyed in the past and allowing chemical companies to pollute our rivers etc has meant the soil has absolutely no selinium and other vital nutrients in it but do you think the government controlled by the deep state and corporations care?

If you care you need to be writing and phoning your councils and demand better air better water etc.vandvif you won’t do that don’t complain about your children dying .

2 months ago

[…] November 9, 2021The Ongoing Evidence of The Important Role Vitamin D Plays in Our Bodies’ Defence Against Viral an… […]

Paul Prichard
Paul Prichard
2 months ago

Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2021-11-08. Midazolam Murders to court. Italian IoH drops count f/ 130k+ to 3,783. Jab: kill 200 to ‘save’ one

2 months ago

— In parts of america there are people who’ll swear blind that eating a handful of cherries every day will make you live to 100. In those same places, the cherry growers spend millions on street adverts telling you that.
— In old movies, the stars are frequently seen smoking, sponsored by the tobacco cartels.
— People all over the world believe that the natural food for rabbits is carrots, because walt disney was paid millions by the american farmers to depict bugs bunny eating carrots. Where would a rabbit naturally come across a carrot?
— Popeye got his strength from spinach, courtesy of sponsorship by the american spinach growers.
— Many japanese girls believe drinking milk will make their breasts larger, thanks to the japanese dairy farmers paying the manga and now anime companies to depict girls with large breasts drinking milk.
— People all over the world believe eating ‘meat’ will give them strength, despite endless scientific research that shows it leads to clogged arteries and heart attacks. It is a myth that is perpetuated by the farmers to keep sales up.
— Vitamin pills are not sold by drug companies and doctors won’t prescribe them, but millions of people in the world are taking them every day thanks to the manufacturers paying doctors to tell them that it will keep them healthy.

Are you seeing a pattern?

Robin Whittle
Robin Whittle
2 months ago

Please read the research articles cited at “What every MD, immunologist, virologist and epidemiologist should know about vitamin D and the immune system” and in my articles at: .

The current suppression and denial of early treatments for COVID-19 such as melatonin, ivermectin, quercetin, zinc, magnesium and most importantly bolus vitamin D3 or better still calcifediol (25-hydroxyvitamin D) is an unprecedented, destructive, medical scandal.

There is very little vitamin D3 in food or multivitamins. It is impossible for most people to get sufficient UV-B light on their unprotected skin all year round to produce enough D3 there, so supplements are the only practical way of getting enough vitamin D.

For people who are not suffering from obesity and who have about 70kg 154lb bodyweight 0.125mg 5000IU D3 a day is a good amount. This will generally raise 25-hyroxyvitamin D levels to the 50ng/ml 125nmol/L level required for good immune system function, in two to three months.

2 months ago

[…] November 9, 2021The Ongoing Evidence of The Important Role Vitamin D Plays in Our Bodies’ Defence Against Viral an… […]

14 days ago

[…] 2021-11-09 The Ongoing Evidence of The Important Role Vitamin D Plays in Our Bodies’ Defence Again… […]