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More Australians have died due to the Covid-19 Vaccines than have died of Covid-19 in 2021 according to official data

Official data made public by the Australian Government shows that by mid October 2021, Australia had officially suffered more deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccines than the disease they were supposed to be protecting against.

Statistics show that the first Covid-19 injection was administered in Australia on the 21st February 2021.

At this point Australia had recorded 909 alleged Covid-19 deaths, a number that had not increased since December 29th 2020, and did not increase again until April 13th 2021.

A search of the Database of Adverse Event Notifications hosted by the Australian Government Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for adverse reactions due to the Covid-19 vaccines shows that up to the 14th October 2021 a total of 72,808 adverse event reports had been made to the TGA. This includes 602 deaths.

Statistics show that by the same date, October 14th 2021, Australia had recorded 1,496 alleged Covid-19 deaths. Meaning 587 Covid-19 deaths had been recorded since the 21st February 2021, when the first Covid-19 vaccine was administered in Australia.

This means that between 21st February 2021 and October 14th 2021, fifteen more people had actually died due to the Covid-19 vaccines than had died of the alleged disease the vaccines are supposed to protect people against.

But what’s also interesting to note from the official data is that the sudden restart in Covid-19 deaths in Australia seems to correlate with the number of second doses of Covid-19 vaccine administered.

This is however, probably just another coincidence to add to the long list of coincidences to have occurred since March 2020.

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Elizabeth Reyes
Elizabeth Reyes

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Last edited 28 days ago by Elizabeth Reyes
28 days ago

[…] November 10, 2021More Australians have died due to the Covid-19 Vaccines than have died of Covid-19 in 2021 according… […]

not sure
not sure
28 days ago

You really have to wonder why they’re not aspirating the needle and instead taking the chance of injecting this stuff directly into the cephalic vein. Its a scary prospect, just looking at the anatomy… if a glob of this b.s. goes straight to the heart and starts producing spike proteins there instead of in the muscle tissue…. myocarditis seems like a logical result.

I don’t really give anyone involved with this much credit of forethought, but maybe they will eventually blame the jabbers’ technique instead of the jab. …If they ever feel enough pressure to ease the lockstep claims of perfection.

Marilyn Shepherd
Marilyn Shepherd
Reply to  not sure
24 days ago

How they are doing the jabs is a red herring peddled by jabbers, the fact is the damn jabs are toxic

arthur brogard
arthur brogard
27 days ago

It all just gets more mind boggling by the day doesn’t it?

It is inescapable now, the future condemnation of our ‘leaders’ and our ‘protective establishment’ (to coin a phrase intended to cover all those who think themselves so far above the common run that they can ‘oversee’ us and direct our affairs better than we can) isn’t it?

Because we are fighting these issues:

  1. Is the menace really bad enough to warrant all this?
  2. Does ‘all this’ do good or harm?

And we are ignored and beaten bloody by ‘them’. We are losing. Have lost since the beginning. Since John Ioannidis’ take on it was ignored near two years ago now.

But now it is that itself which will condemn them. For they never gave us a fair hearing. They never looked at the evidence. They never considered the possibilities. They never, ever conducted themselves in a proper fashion.

So that even if the impossible were to happen and history got rewritten and covid really was a scourge and these measures didn’t cause untold harm and really were effective against the ‘scourge’ – they’d still be on record as criminally culpable in carrying out their responsibilities.

They condoned censorship and forbade free speech. The deliberately told lies as part of official policy to frighten and intimidate. They deliberately with-held the whole therapeutic world from the issue in order to promote one single ‘magic bullet’. They rode rough shod over the whole medical establishment telling millions of doctors they no longer could practice medicine as individual physicians.

And it just goes on and on doesn’t it….

And it covers not just the people in power, notably the politicians of the govt. but also those supposedly watching and challenging those in power – mainly, of course, the ‘opposition’ parties.

The enormity of it all is stupefying. Perhaps that’s what’s going on. We’re all stupefied. We’ll wake up en masse and shake off the stupefaction and grab the machinery of control before the destruction gets any worse…

I hope.

Anyone got any idea of the simple dollar cost nation by nation about now?

27 days ago

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27 days ago

[…] Read more: More Australians have died due to the ‘Covid’ fake vaccines than have ALLEGEDLY died of ‘Covi… […]

Kelly Mitchell
Kelly Mitchell
27 days ago

The final part about vaccines driving the incidence of Covid could also be seasonality. It’s important to not discount that, it’s a huge factor for Covid and all transmissible illnesses.
Interesting that the vaxes now have higher deaths than Covid officially, btw. Terrible and will get worse. Is worse in actuality since the official data underreports.

Concerned Australian
Concerned Australian
24 days ago

When you looked at the Database of Adverse Event Notifications, did you manually count the number of deaths? Don’t trust the summary given at the top as that does not accurately reflect the total deaths reported. When I did the count up to 29 October 2021, deaths across all COVID vaccines was 1,518.

Last edited 24 days ago by Concerned Australian
Marilyn Shepherd
Marilyn Shepherd
24 days ago

It’s now 652, and the records from NSW show half those deaths were the old and disabled who had been jabbed.

Abe Pralle
Abe Pralle
23 days ago

Of course some “fact check” dismisses almost all the deaths as coincidental. If that was true, there should be roughly the same number of coincidental deaths associated with the flu vaccine in previous years, right?

I searched the same AU gov site on the 5 influenza vaccines. Over 49 years there were 17 deaths, an average of 0.35 per year.

Arbitrarily looking at just 2018, there are zero associated flu vaccine deaths so I’ll stick with 0.35. This AU gov website says there were 11M doses of flu vaccine that year:

Our World In Data shows that 18M Aussies had at least one jab on Oct 14, 8 months after the jabs started.

Covax: 602 deaths per 18M
Flu vax: 0.35 deaths per 11M

If most covax-associated deaths are coincidental, there are 1,051 times more coincidental deaths with covax than with the flu vax – 100,000% more!!

5 days ago

Great summary of what’s been occurring here in Australia and sadly, covered up by main stream media. I’ve been monitoring these same numbers since June 2021 and statistically an average of 2.1 deaths per day from vaccinations and 254 adverse reactions per day from vaccinations.
I’ve had a large number of friends adversely impacted by vaccines which is what sparked my curiosity in the numbers.
Versus an average of 1.8 of deaths per day from COVID in 2021.
Infact the COVID deaths in 2021 dropped off significantly in 2021 versus the 909 reported in 2020.
In October 2021 as you also noted, the number of TGA COVID reported deaths started to rise but these were not being represented in the COVID deaths in the other international medical and WHO sources. Making me wonder if the TGA were now including deaths from vaccinations as COVID deaths which was in essence double counting to prevent the status of vaccinated deaths to become noticeable higher then actual COVID deaths.
Yes, in Australia the cure has been killing and adversely hurting more people than the disease. Thank you for reporting on this.