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Woman Left Wheelchair-Bound With Neurological Damage Hours After Pfizer Vaccine Dose

State Health Secretary-designate talks about the start of ...

A 42-year-old mother of two shared that she experienced confusion and leg paralysis just hours after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine dose, and has been suffering severe neurological issues ever since.

During a Real Not Rare rally for vaccine choice outside the steps of the Supreme Court on Tuesday, wheelchair-bound Mona Hasegawa said that she received a dose of the Pfizer vaccine because she wanted to “do [her] part to help the community stop COVID,” and in order to see her father in hospital who is a dialysis patient.

Mona shared her story online, writing: “My father who lives in Canada is at high risk and I thought the best thing to do was to get vaccinated due to the fact that the media and medical professionals were saying it was safe and effective. To my knowledge at the time, the only side effects were flu-like symptoms.”

She received her “first and only” Pfizer dose on 24th April. Within hours, while at a local restaurant, Hasegawa said that she began to feel confused and unable to move her legs. her daughter had to hold her hand to help her leave the restaurant.

“I went home the next couple of days and had flu-like symptoms, but I also experienced extreme pain in my back, hips and thigh area. Even though I was feeling like this, I still pushed myself to continue my days in a normal fashion,” Mona said.

She wrote that the Saturday following her jab she experienced memory issues, brain fog, seizures, pain in her head, back pain, shaking issues and twitches.

According to Mona, she is seeking help as she has been repeatedly ignored by doctors. She had been in the hospital several times, undergone scans and even a spinal tap in hopes of understanding what has happened to her.

Hasegawa said that she has “had at least 30 visits with doctors and specialists over a six-month span of time.”

“When I tell doctors that I think I got this from my COVID vaccination, they tell me it’s psychological, they send me home,” she explained at the rally.

She also added that at one point after she left hospital, she wasn’t prepared not to be able to walk, so she crawled on her hands and knees up the stairs to enter her home.

“My daughters had to wrap me in a bed sheet to drag me to get to where I need to go, because I couldn’t walk and I didn’t have a wheelchair or walker at the time,” she recounted.

“I’m just asking for there to be more research done before anybody’s vaccinated and before the kids are vaccinated. Because if I’m having a hard time dealing with this physically and mentally, how are the kids gonna deal with this?”

Following her vaccine injury incident, Mona is now part of a support group for those who have had similar experiences with the covid jab. She said: “there are thousands of people that are suffering. A lot of the people in the group are very suicidal right now.”

“And so I’m trying to speak up for all of the people that have lost their lives. In the future, I’m hoping that they are strong enough to survive this.”

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Last edited 27 days ago by Sarah Wallace
27 days ago

These people getting the jabs aren’t too bright, are they? Who allows something to go inside their bodies without the due diligence of doing the research outside of the “approved” “science” being spit at us on the main stream news about the said product BEFORE it goes inside their body?

I do not have a lot of patience for these people—they are making it very difficult for the rest of us that DO NOT COMPLY and haven’t done so from DAY ONE. Please, for the sake of ALL OF US, STOP falling for the lie of “germ theory.” It is medical fraud to justify ALL dangerous, disabling, and deadly “life saving vaccines.” Not just this “covid” one.

It’s either you are choosing the ZOO, where your captors are providing illusionary security to “keep you safe,’ while having no freedom or the JUNGLE, where you have no illusionary security but your freedom is intact. It comes down to choice. Are you willing to give up your bodily sovereignty for comfort on the plantation?

Reply to  STARR Rebecca STODDARD
22 days ago

Agreed. I have had a REAL immune disease for well over 2 decades and nobody has ever bothered to accommodate it w/o me and my (also disabled) mother wasting our time begging for what should be given to me for free (and even that wasn’t enough 99% of the time). Now me and my immune-disordered mother are subjected to YET MORE medical abuse so these worthless POS can feel ‘safe’. I don’t cry for any of the jab ‘victims’. They deserve worse than what their overlords give them. And you’re right, they do make life worse for those of us who are smart enough to hold the line. Here’s hoping they all get wiped out by their 7th or 8th ‘booster’.

27 days ago

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27 days ago

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Barbara Scott
Barbara Scott
12 days ago

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