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Dr. Clare Craig: Unusual Heart Disease Statistics and Censorship

Dr Clare Craig, a British diagnostic pathologist, spoke about her personal experience of censorship at #Together’s ‘Can there be Science without Free Speech?’ conference. 

There are three things you need in order to be able to carry out scientific enquiry: curiosity; acceptance that some of things you believe are wrong; and, the willingness to accept new ideas.  Science requires humility.  This is why science and politics are the opposite to one another.

She first starting speaking out publicly against the official narrative in September 2020.  She published how, over the previous summer, “the data looked like we were over-diagnosing Covid and that the patients who were being called Covid patients in hospital were probably all as a result of false positive [test] results.”

There have been attempts to discredit her, Twitter has hidden what they deem “sensitive content” and she has been censored by YouTube.

Dr. Craig used the example of the Cochrane Collaboration to show how bad the censorship has become.  Cochrane gathers all the medical evidence, all the research ever done including research that was done but never published – often there is bias in what gets into publications – then assesses where the truth lies and publishes their findings.  A few days ago, Cochrane was censored by Instagram.

“You may be aware of a few people who are speaking out, putting their careers on the line.  What you won’t be aware of is the silent army that is behind us that are so threatened by the culture that we’re in … they don’t feel they can ever speak out. But they are on our side and they are helping, they’re contributing – but silently,” Dr. Craig said.

You can hear Dr. Craig’s speech in the video below.

#Together: Can there be Science without Free Speech? New Brighton, Merseyside UK, Dr. Clare Craig
11 November 2021 (9 mins, start 22:30 mins)

The day before the #Together conference Dr. Craig tweeted “Something odd about these numbers of deaths from ischaemic heart disease from ONS.”

She was referring to an Office of National Statistics (“ONS”) report released that day regarding deaths registered in private homes.

“Private homes are the only place of occurrence where deaths have been consistently above the five-year average in all months from January 2020 to June 2021. We have seen substantial increases in people dying from other things such as heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s and various cancers.

“For deaths in private homes in 2020, the leading cause of death was Ischaemic heart diseases in males and females, 17,852 and 8,076 deaths respectively, a 16.6% increase compared to the five-year average (2015 to 2019). Ischaemic heart diseases were also the leading cause of death in private homes between January 2020 and June 2021, and for the five-year average (2015 to 2019).”

ONS: Deaths registered in private homes, England and Wales: 2020 final and January to June 2021, provisional, 10 November 2021

Why Are More People Dying from Heart Disease?

At the end of September, using data from ONS, Dr. Craig highlighted that excess deaths in the UK for the week ending 10 September 2021 were showing an alarming increase in heart disease mortality. Specifically, there were:

24% more heart failure deaths than baseline

19% ischaemic heart disease

16% cerebrovascular disease (strokes)

18% other circulatory diseases

Why is this happening? she asked. Blogger and political analyst Mike Whitney provided some disturbing answers. “The vaccines are an attack on the body’s critical infrastructure, the vascular system, and particularly the thin tapestry of cells that line the walls of the blood vessels,” Whitney says. “The vaccines trigger bleeding, blood clots and autoimmune disease.”

And, just in case someone counters with the idea that most people aren’t suffering with heart problems after their shots, Whitney shoots back, “the impact is likely to be just as devastating in the long-run …when antibodies attach to spike-producing endothelial cells on vessel walls following vaccine administration, activated complement proteins can be expected attach to the endothelial cells, and perforate their cell membranes … [and will create] a catastrophic microvascular injury syndrome mediated by activation of complement.”

Summarising, he says this means “the vaccine creates a situation where your body viciously attacks your own circulatory system generating blood clots and leaky blood vessels. Do you think you can live with a damaged vascular system? Do you think you will enjoy a long and happy life with an immune system that is programmed to attack and kill healthy cells that now produce the pathogenic “spike protein”? If so, then for how long; how long do you think you can survive that type of internal warfare? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?”

In other words, those who have taken the shots and not reported any adverse events yet have only to wait a matter of time and then it will hit them, too.


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Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
18 days ago

At last a Doctor true to the hippocratic oath has spoken up. The Jabs are a death sentence. The only unknown now is the length of that sentence. Its length is not measured in decades. It is measured in years. And the more Jabs you take the shorter your sentence will be.

18 days ago

[…] November 14, 2021Dr. Clare Craig: Unusual Heart Disease Statistics and Censorship […]

18 days ago

A bit of additional info. I was just lucky enough to take part in the 4th episode, webinar of Dr Kaufman and Dr Cowan (later it will be free to watch on covid-19-myths dot com) It turned out we were lied about the sodium-potassium cell pump, TOO. (Their lies are endless.) It’s has been known for 35! years. But I heard about it only yesterday.

But the point is that our cells are like batteries, the charge inside and outside is different, that keeps cells to have some necessary healthy distance. But when this charge difference changes or simply there is not much energy in the cells they are clumping. We heard countless tales about spike proteins but again, no one mention that graphene oxide which – so far – was found in almost every covid vaxxes and even in flu vaxxes (La Quinta Columna). By its properties it can change the charge.

Also it was observed that those who became magnetic from the covid vaxxes first were only at the side of the shot, but this weird magnetism moves, towards the higher EMF fields like brain and heart.
This info all can be found reading back orwell city. And this is the most proven and likely explanation of blood clotting and heart problems.

Stephen Kastl MD
Stephen Kastl MD
18 days ago

As a retired physician, the criminal malpractice with the mRNA shots is overwhelming. It is frightening that so many “medical authorities” are actually sociopathic criminals in white coats. The mRNA shot is purposefully made to cripple and kill recipients over 3-5-10 years. It essentially causes your blood vessels to “rust” from the insides and your immune system to fail; it is acquired autoimmune deficiency syndrome via vaccine, not sex. I wish I was wrong.

desiree stokkel
desiree stokkel
17 days ago

Friday, 19 november 2021… there will be an International Criminal Court lawsuit agianst @Billgates.

Its forbidden for King NL – RIVM – Parliament – KNAW – Sanquin Bloodbank – Universities – Central Bank to co-work with BillGates / Gateshoufation… based upon UN-charter & Torture treaty.

This rules for 10Downingstreet too = I started ICClawsuit against TheQuen / NATO + for Building DictatorshipNL.

I need this full week to write the ICCletter.

17 days ago

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17 days ago

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17 days ago

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17 days ago

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Paul Prichard
Paul Prichard
17 days ago

Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2021-11-12. Patented dystopia. New Pfizer drug & IVM block 3CL protease. 8yo girl schools her school board (link).

17 days ago

[…] – Dr. Clare Craig: Unusual Heart Disease Statistics and Censorship […]