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Depopulation Agenda – Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in Excess Deaths

“I think it’s highly likely that the next phase will involve death on a scale which will dwarf the claims of “covid-19 deaths” to date.” Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President

Question– Why is mortality in Scotland higher in 2021 than 2020?

Answer– Because more people are dying. And the reason more people are dying is because more people have been vaccinated. In other words, there’s a link between rising mortality and the Covid-19 vaccine.

Question– You can’t prove that.

Answer– You’re right, I can’t. The evidence is all circumstantial. But it is compelling, all the same. For example, rising mortality isn’t just happening in Scotland. It’s happening in many of the countries that launched mass vaccination campaigns earlier in the year. They’re all seeing a significant uptick in all-cause mortality. Why is that? What are they doing differently in 2021 than they did in the years before?

By Mike Whitney

Question– I can see what you’re getting at, but I still don’t think you have enough evidence to make your case.

Answer– Okay, then you tell me: Why are more people dying in 2021 than 2020? And, keep in mind, all-cause mortality isn’t just up a bit; it’s smashing the five-year average. Check out this recent post from Alex Berenson at Substack:

Scotland is 87% adult vaccinated; weekly deaths are now 30% above normal

Oct 14, This is from the Public Health Scotland’s Covid-19 Daily Dashboard:

“The 315 excess deaths logged last week represents a 30% increase on the five-year pre-pandemic average for this time of year. This marks the 20th consecutive week with excess deaths above the five-year average and the highest since the week ending January 10, 2021.”

Even excluding Covid deaths they were almost 20% above normal for the most recent week, and the trend is rising.” (“Scotland is 87% adult vaccinated; weekly deaths are now 30% above normal”, Alex Berenson Substack)

Question– But how can you build a case on data from just one country? It’s ridiculous.

Answer– But it’s not just Scotland. The same rule applies to many of the countries that launched vaccination campaigns earlier in the year. Here’s more from Berenson:

Add Germany – Europe’s most populous nation – to the countries seeing unusually high all-cause mortality that is NOT Covid-related.

In September, Germany reported almost 78,000 deaths, more than 10 percent higher than the expected figure, German government demographers said earlier this week.

Press: “Mortality figures (in Germany) in September, 2021: 10% above the median of previous years.” (“It’s not just the UK; all-cause deaths are also now running well above normal in Germany (80% adults fully vaccinated)”, Alex Berenson Substack)

And then there’s this is from Data Analyst’s Twitter account (check out the charts):
Data Analysis @Data_is_Louder

Oct 26
COVID mystery Denmark, Finland and Norway excess deaths are higher than in their worst Covid outbreak. These mysterious excess deaths happened in time conjunction with vaccination rollout.

​Denmark –“5 months is a row 2021 has broken the 10-year record of people dying from all causes…..Covid-19 deaths close to zero during the same period.”

The same is true in Ireland, UK and Israel. Take a look at England (Ages 10 to 59 years old.)

What’s so disturbing about this chart is that it shows how the vaccines target the young. “While the COVID death toll has been largely confined to the elderly… it’s the young who are bearing the brunt of vaccine injury. According to VigiAccess, the adverse event database for the World Health Organization, 41% of the more than 2.4 million vaccine injuries reported so far are among those under age 44, and just six percent are among people over age 75.” (“The real pandemic has just begun, and it’s COVID shot-induced heart attacks in the young”, Lifesite News)

That’s something you’re not going to read in the media, and for good reason, too. Because it would undermine their lethal objective to continue hyping the vaccine.

Here’s more from quantitative analyst Joel Smalley:


Weekly deaths update from the CDC. “Despite” being over 80% fully vaccinated, since 24-Jul, over 65s deaths in Florida are 14% higher than same period last year. “Despite” at least 50% full vaccination in the under 65s, deaths are up 46% and will rise as reporting catches up.

The examples are everywhere across the Internet. You don’t have to look very far. Wherever mass vaccinations took place, there, too, morality has risen. And–once again–these are not Covid deaths. These are mainly heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, circulatory diseases and neurological issues; the same vaccine-induced ailments we were warned about by the physicians and scientists who’ve been telling us the truth from the start. Turns out they were right after all.

Simply put, the vaccines are increasing fatalities, not reducing them. They are making matters worse not better. They are perpetuating the crisis not ending it. And that is why the red line in the chart is pointing upward. It’s an indication that the death toll will continue to rise as long as we continue to do what we are doing now, inoculating millions of people with a cytotoxic pathogen that triggers blood clots, inflammation and autoimmunity. Here’s another chart of Scotland with a short comment from The Daily Skeptic:

“…. the presence of a Covid epidemic was not seen in summer 2020, but is seen in summer 2021. What differs between the two years? The glaringly obvious answer is the rollout of COVID-19 vaccination. There was no COVID-19 vaccination programme in 2020, but there was rollout of Covid vaccinations in a sequential way to increasingly younger age groups in 2021, a pattern that we see in the manifestation of excess deaths. …. The Yellow Card adverse events reporting system,…. has already recorded over 1,700 deaths in the U.K. population associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. There is therefore a prima facie case for COVID-19 vaccination being a contributing factor to the dramatic rise in summer excess deaths in Scotland in 2021.”
(“Are Vaccines Driving Excess Deaths in Scotland, a Professor of Biology Asks”, The Daily Skeptic)

Have you noticed how the media is trying to cover-up the sudden surge in mortality? Here’s a good example from an article at the UK Telegraph:

“While focus remains firmly fixed on Covid-19, a second health crisis is quietly emerging in Britain. Since the beginning of July, there have been thousands of excess deaths that were not caused by coronavirus. According to health experts, this is highly unusual for the summer. Although excess deaths are expected during the winter months, when cold weather and seasonal infections combine to place pressure on the NHS, summer generally sees a lull.

This year is a worrying outlier.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), since July 2 there have been 9,619 excess deaths in England and Wales, of which 48 per cent (4,635) were not caused by Covid-19.

So if all these extra people are not dying from coronavirus, what is killing them?

Data from Public Health England (PHE) shows that during that period there were 2,103 extra death registrations with ischemic heart disease, 1,552 with heart failure, as well as an extra 760 deaths with cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke and aneurysm and 3,915 with other circulatory diseases.” (“Thousands more people than usual are dying … but it’s not from Covid“, Telegraph)

So, according to the article, there were:

  • 24% more heart failure deaths than baseline
  • 19% ischaemic heart disease
  • 16% cerebrovascular disease (strokes)
  • 18% other circulatory diseases

All of these cerebrovascular, cardiac and circulatory ailments didn’t suddenly drop from the sky in 2021. They are vaccine-generated injuries. Can you see that?

And they are all linked to the spike protein which is the “biological mechanism of action” that “damages blood vessels, organs, and causes blood clots, and that can kill a human being?” (Quote: Dr Peter McCullough)

Have you wondered why more people died this year of Covid than in all of 2020? According to Johns Hopkins, Covid killed 353, 000 people in the United States in 2020. But in just 10 months in 2021, 390,000 people have died. How can that be? After all:

  1. Many of the extremely vulnerable have already died
  2. The experts say Delta is not as lethal as the original Wuhan infection
  3. 100 million people (according to the CDC) have already survived Covid and now have natural immunity
  4. And 190 million people have been double-vaxxed

These are four reasons why deaths should be decreasing. But they’re not decreasing, they’re increasing.


The vaccine, that’s why.

And why are the countries with the highest Covid-19 death rates, also the most vaccinated countries?

It’s because “there is a massive positive correlation between vaccination percentage and deaths.”

But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Do your own research.

Just recently, Professor Norman Fenton at Queen Mary London University sifted through the government’s statistics (ONS) to see if he could “determine the overall risk-benefit of Covid-19 vaccines” by comparing “the all-cause mortality rates between the vaccinated and unvaccinated in each age category.”

His thinking on the matter was simple:

“If Covid is as dangerous as claimed – and if the vaccine is as effective as claimed – we should by now have seen many more Covid related deaths among the unvaccinated than the vaccinated….(and) If the vaccine is as safe as claimed, then there should have been very few more deaths from causes unrelated to Covid among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated (in each age group). So, the count of all-cause deaths should be higher among the unvaccinated than the vaccinated (in each age group), confirming that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks.” (Discrepancies and inconsistencies in UK Government datasets compromise accuracy of mortality rate comparisons between vaccinated and unvaccinated”)

Simple, right? In other words, if the vaccine is so great, then it should be clear from the data. But that’s not what Fenton found. What he found was the opposite. He found that all-cause mortality is higher among vaccinated people than the unvaccinated. (And depending how you interpret the data, it could be significantly higher.) Fenton hoped that his analysis would impact the debate on the ongoing vaccination program, but instead, he’s been viciously denounced as a right-wing extremist, which is what happens to anyone who dares to to challenge the official narrative. Here’s more from NPR:

“Inside the emergency department at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Mich., staff members are struggling to care for patients who are showing up much sicker than they’ve ever seen. Tiffani Dusang, the emergency room’s nursing director, practically vibrates with pent-up anxiety, looking at all the patients lying on a long line of stretchers pushed up against the beige walls of the hospital’s hallways. “It’s hard to watch,” she says in her warm Texan twang.

But there’s nothing she can do. The ER’s 72 rooms are already filled.

“I always feel very, very bad when I walk down the hallway and see that people are in pain or needing to sleep or needing quiet.”

Even in parts of the country where COVID-19 isn’t overwhelming the health system, patients are showing up to the ER sicker than they were before the pandemic, their diseases more advanced and in need of more complicated care.

Months of treatment delays have exacerbated chronic conditions and worsened symptoms. Doctors and nurses say the severity of illness ranges widely and includes abdominal pain, respiratory problems, blood clots, heart conditions and suicide attempts, among others.” (“ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don’t even have COVID”, NPR)

Repeat: “abdominal pain, respiratory problems, blood clots, heart conditions.” In other words, the overcrowding in Emergency Rooms could as easily be linked to vaccine-induced injuries as they could to “delayed treatments”. And notice how the author seems genuinely concerned about the burgeoning ERs but never once mentions the elephant in the room; the vaccine. Was that just a slip-up on his part or was his real intention to bamboozle his readers from the start?

Then, there’s this gem in the New York Post that tries to prepare the public for the onslaught of “thromboembolic” disorders we’ll be facing in the very near future. The article is appropriately titled “The little-known heart attack that’s striking ‘fit and healthy’ women as young as 22.” Here’s a clip from the article:

“When you think of a heart attack, you immediately picture someone who is older and might already have underlying health issues. But experts have warned that women as young as 22 could be struck down by a little-known condition.

Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) happens when a tear forms in a blood vessel in the heart, the New York Post reports. It can slow or block blood flow to the heart, causing a heart attack, abnormalities in heart rhythm or sudden death, experts at the Mayo Clinic say.

In general, it’s an uncommon condition, but doctors are urging women to push for a diagnosis and care when it comes to the symptoms. The condition is most common in women ages 30 to 60 – but experts have warned that it is reaching fit and healthy women as young as 22.” (The little-known heart attack that’s striking ‘fit and healthy’ women as young as 22, New York Post)

Got that? So –according to the Post– it’s perfectly normal for a fit 22 year-old to be struck-dead by a heart attack. Do you think, perhaps, the author is trying to soften attitudes towards vaccine-induced injuries before they hit us like a ton of bricks? Indeed, he is, just like the article in the Times of India about celebrity superstar and fitness nut, Puneeth Rajkumar, who died just days ago from cardiac arrest. He was 46. According to The Times of India:

Rajkumar’s sudden death has once again highlighted the perils many in their 30s and 40s are facing today, which is the increasing risk of heart ailments and cardiac arrests….(Rajkumar) suffered from a massive cardiac ailment while he was exercising in the gym. Known to be overtly fit and healthy, Rajkumar used to workout often…

There’s been a shocking rise in the number of cardiac arrests being observed amongst those in their early ages, or even their 20s. While heart ailments and cardiac arrests were generally taken to be an ‘old people’s condition’, that’s no longer the case, and now a warning sign doctors urge people to be critically aware of. …

Because of the pandemic, doctors have also stressed that the concern for matters related to heart health have been pushed off, and it’s now more likely than before for people to suffer from silent heart attacks and cardiac arrests.” (“Kannada actor Puneeth Rajkumar dies at 46, suffered from a serious cardiac arrest while working out”, Times of India)

Does it seem like the media has accepted its role as accomplice to mass extermination or is that an exaggeration?

In any event, we can expect to see a deluge of similar articles popping up everywhere in the near future. Articles like this:

“Physical activity may increase heart attack risk, study suggests– New findings do not outweigh health benefits of exercise, researchers emphasize”, The Irish Times

Or this:

“Heart attacks among youngsters on the rise” The Hindu

Or this:

“Heart attack instances rose in 2021 with age no bar; here’s what led to it“, cnbctv18

Can you see what’s going on? These cookie cutter articles were all concocted with the same goal in mind, to hoodwink the public into believing that the extraordinary wave of deaths among healthy young people is completely normal. (“Nothing to see here. Move along.”) But, of course, none of this is normal. It’s all appallingly weird and shocking which is why we are so focused on excess deaths and all-cause mortality. Because, we think, these will provide the evidence we need to show that the vaccine is a critical part of the elite’s depopulation agenda aimed at slashing global population by billions of people. We still believe that’s what’s really going on. The big money guys have decided to eradicate a few billion of us cockroaches so they have more room to park their Learjets. As it happens, they settled on the vaccine as a “less messy” alternative to mowing us down in the streets with machine guns. Not that they’d lose any sleep over it.

So, how’s the plan going, you ask? Check it out:

“According to all-cause mortality statistics, the number of Americans who have died between January 2021 and August 2021 is 18% higher than the average death rate between 2015 and 2019.”

And here’s a clip from an article that extracted its data from more divers reseach. Take a look:

“Is the COVID Jab Responsible for Excess Deaths?…

Matthew Crawford of the Rounding the Earth Newsletter, examined mortality statistics before and after the rollout of the COVID shots… Crawford goes on to look at data from countries that have substantial vaccine uptake while simultaneously having very low rates of COVID-19. This way, you can get a better idea as to whether the COVID jabs might be responsible for the excess deaths, as opposed to the infection itself.

He identified 23 countries that fit this criteria, accounting for 1.88 billion individuals, roughly one-quarter of the global population….. Crawford goes through a number of adjustments to remove outliers that might skew the data sets,(but) after removing nations with more than 100 COVID deaths per million before their vaccination program, he came up with 13 countries with a combined population of 354 million.

Remarkably, though, the number of COVID deaths in these 13 countries is 11.61 times higher post-vaccination, compared to before the jabs were rolled out. In five of the 13 countries, a whopping 90% of their COVID-19 fatalities have been logged after their vaccination campaigns began.

“On face, these results reinforce the case that the experimental vaccines are killing people,” Crawford writes. “At the very least, this is one more dramatic safety signal that should spur authorities who care about our health to come to the table for a discussion about how to refine the data they’re not analyzing to anyone’s knowledge …” (“Are The COVID Jabs Responsible For Rising Mortality Trends?”

Interesting, eh? So, if you take the countries where there’s not much virus, and inoculate a ton of people anyway, then you can really see how many people are being killed by the vaccine. At least 10-times as many!

In contrast– in countries where there’s alot of viral spread– the damaging effects of the vaccine are much less visible. But no matter how you cut it, the spike protein erodes the body’s vital infrastructure weakening the vascular system, killing healthy cells and mitochondria, depleting the killer lymphocytes, and short-circuiting the immune system. The knock-on effects of this ferocious attack can be any of the myriad ailments that inevitably evolve from a pathogen-ravaged circulatory system, including cardiac arrest, stroke, pulmonary embolism, autoimmunity and a host of others. At present, heart attacks appear to top the list. Check out this brief post by Dr Peter McCullough:

The world is now witnessing a pandemic of N-STEMI heart attacks caused by blood clots

A certain type of heart attack is on the rise around the world. Healthcare professionals in Scotland have seen a sharp uptick in a potentially fatal type of heart attack called an N-STEMI attack. This condition is the result of partially blocked arteries that cut off the blood supply to the heart. It presents less tissue damage than a regular STEMI attack but can be equally fatal…. Cases of STEMI attacks have remained stable for years, (but) have recently spiked… Over the summer, the hospital had to increase its number of cardiology beds by 44 percent, as front line healthcare workers dealt with an increased demand of heart attack patients….

A pandemic of heart attacks that is brought on by a cytotoxic injection that inflicts damage on its victims whether they die or not. Is that an accurate summary of the Covid-19 vaccine?

It is. Here’s more from The Expose:

“Data available from the Centre for Disease Control in the USA shows that since the Covid-19 vaccination programme got underway in the US, deaths due to ‘abnormal clinical findings not elsewhere classified’ have increased exponentially compared to pre-Covid-19 vaccination levels

Deaths in this category include cases for which no more specific diagnosis could be made…or symptoms were hard to determine… or cases were referred elsewhere.)

“…the number of deaths due to abnormal clinical findings … maintained a steady average of just over 1,000 a week since February 2020, and was also at these levels prior to the alleged pandemic hitting the USA. However, around the end of March / early April 2021 there was a sudden uptick in the number of abnormal deaths registered per week, suddenly climbing … to over 7,000 a week by the middle of September, representing a 600% increase on the average seen every week prior to the start of the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out.

The question of course is, why?

…The one thing that millions of people have in common since abnormal deaths began to rise against the expected average, is that millions of people have been given an experimental injection, for which there is no long term safety data to know what the consequences of that will be.

The official CDC data suggests that the consequences of a mass experimental vaccination roll-out are a shockingly steep rise in the number of deaths due to abnormal unidentified causes…” (“Investigation: Official CDC data shows a shockingly large increase of deaths due to abnormal mystery causes since Covid-19 Vaccinations began”, The Expose)

The article is consistent with the many stories we have heard from nurses reporting on patients presenting with unusual ‘oddball’ symptoms that elude traditional diagnosis. This should not be surprising given the unique properties of the spike protein whose stealthy attack on the vascular system has already touched off a tsunami of cardiovascular, neurological and immunological diseases unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. All of these deaths can be traced back to a “poison-death shot” that is relentlessly pushing all-cause mortality higher while killing people that are younger and younger. If you doubt this, then take a look at how many athletes are dropping dead shortly after they’ve been injected. It’s a story that’s bound to depress the hell out of any normal human being.


Also, check out this illuminating 2-minute video dealing with cardiac arrest and our phony vaccine injury reporting system. (VAERS)

Dr. Mike Yeadon summarized recent developments in a comment he posted on the Robin Monotti Channel recently. He said:​

“There’s no logical end game … but totalitarian tyranny… and mass depopulation… Some colleagues agree with the tyranny part, but balk at depopulation. (But) The evidence points firmly to it.”

Indeed, it does.

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Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
11 days ago

The unvaxxed are the people who have been vaccinated, but have not reached the 14 day threshold, when they are considered vaccinated – anyone in their right mind, who has not had a vaccine yet, is not going to have one, if it can be avoided at all – like me for example.
The vaccinated were doomed from the outset, so perhaps large quantities of them dying off, after vaccines, will eventually stop the inhumane vaccine program for those who refused them – a lot like what happened with the Spanish Flu.
Those who live by the sword, die by the sword, sort of thing.

A Person
A Person
Reply to  Richard Noakes
11 days ago

I read on the internet somewhere that there was no vaccination for the 1918-20 Spanish Flu but are you suggesting there was one?

Wanda Poore
Wanda Poore
Reply to  A Person
11 days ago

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Last edited 11 days ago by Wanda Poore
Reply to  A Person
10 days ago

It was Rockefeller Foundation was using bacteria vaxx bred inside horses to inject the troops at Fort Riley and send them into battle in WW2. Many died in Ft. Riley of the horrific experiments, and many should have been hung in public. Many ill soldiers then “recovered enough” and shipped to the fronts, spreading it all along the way. Masks make bacterial infections worse. That is known. This time it is another “intervention” by the mad pharma mafia, and this one is planned. So 1918 was no accident, it was done on purpose and probably successful beyond the wildest dreams of the Rockefellers. Why is this story hard to find names and dates and victims? AMA will never tell. Fort Riley hospital records we do have access to. Horror. Made by evil banking mafia from the start.


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Last edited 11 days ago by Maria
11 days ago

[…] November 21, 2021Depopulation Agenda – Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in Excess … […]


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Last edited 11 days ago by AileenJohnson
K Mitchell
K Mitchell
11 days ago

41% of the more than 2.4 million vaccine injuries reported so far are among those under age 44, and just six percent are among people over age 75.”

This is likely far more distorted (underreported) in the older population by background rate. Since most vax deaths/ injuries are strokes, heart attacks, etc, these would massively raise the rate in younger people, who almost never experience such things. It could easily drive the background rate up 500% in that demographic.
In older populations, those incidents are hundreds of times higher, so an absolute increase could go unnoticed. It might only raise the background rate of heart disease by 10% while still being larger in the aggregate than versus younger populations.

K Mitchell
K Mitchell
Reply to  K Mitchell
11 days ago

Great work on this piece, btw. Very informative!

Reply to  K Mitchell
11 days ago

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Last edited 11 days ago by Kimkom
11 days ago

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Last edited 11 days ago by Vincent
11 days ago

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Last edited 11 days ago by Kimkom
11 days ago

What are the birth rates like? I suspect they will be trending down due to the vax but doubt they will be correlated

11 days ago

Great work Mr Whitney. This is the investigative journalism that is so desperately needed to build a solid base for strangling the would-be New World Order at birth.

11 days ago

Yesterday I posted –
“This is all dancing on the head of a pin.
I want to see just one statistical chart.
One that is beyond massaging.
How many people died last week ?
How many were not vaxxed.
Each week”
Clearly you have answered my request THANKYOU.
We all know only autopsies will tell us what kills people.
But this statstic cannot be explained away by “experts” to get people to commit suicide.

11 days ago

[…] – Depopulation Agenda – Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in Excess … […]

10 days ago

[…] Most vaccinated countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in excess deaths. […]

Paul Prichard
Paul Prichard
10 days ago

People shouldn’t be mislabelling anti-authoritarians as anti-vaxxers.
Your alternative update on #COVID19 for 2021-11-19. USA cases of myo/pericarditis have jumped 1200X, 150k dead a/ jab. Masks: No Evidence of Benefit (link).

dr evil scumbag
dr evil scumbag
10 days ago

Yes, we know this is why we, the globalist puppets in Austria, Belgium, Ntherlands, Italy, france, UK, USA et al want to force the populations to get injected, because we want to kill them and enslave the survivors who will be too weak and brainwashed to resist the 5G radiations…

ah ah ah ah ah ah ah (little finge rup and evil laugh from dr evil)

dr evil scumbag
dr evil scumbag
10 days ago

I am alexander schallenberg, I am a sunhuman vermin that should be wiped from the surface of the earth by being burned alive on a public place with van bellen the communist piece of shit who gives me orders

10 days ago

[…] November 21, 2021Depopulation Agenda – Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in Excess … […]

10 days ago

[…] Official Public Health England Data Says COVID Infection Rates Higher in Vaxxed Than Unvaxxed Depopulation Agenda – Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in Exc… Scientific model shows that for every 1 child saved from dying with Covid-19 over 117 will be […]

8 days ago

[…] Most vaccinated countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in excess deaths. […]

5 days ago

[…] are all suffering an extraordinary rise in Excess Deaths. #COVID19 #covidvaxexpose #CovidVaccine… Source by Steve W […]

3 days ago

I guess most people who are awake know what’s going on, but the rest of the sleeping, sheep’s have no idea , most of the medical doctors know too, but scared to speak out, in case they loose they’re license