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Mark Sexton Invites BBC And Sky to “Do Full Breaking Story” Regarding ICC Complaint

A few days ago, we published an update from retired police officer Mark Sexton regarding a criminal complaint filed on behalf of the people with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (“ICC”). On 2 January Sexton notified Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, of the complaint and requested “all medical establishments cease administering the vaccines until further notice.”

Since then, Sexton has been suspended from posting on Facebook … again.  So, two updates have been posted by A Greater Britain on his behalf.  On Friday, Sexton contacted BBC and Sky inviting them to break the biggest story in the last 100 years.  This follows an update on Wednesday regarding the submission of 1100 pages of evidence to Hammersmith Criminal Investigation Department (“CID”) who “confirmed the crime report is now significant and very lengthy.”

Text of Sexton’s invite to BBC and Sky:

Sent to BBC and Sky at 6pm. (And yes, I know they are part of the system). It has to be done regardless.

Dear BBC


I have also sent this to your what’s app news service.

Are you aware of the live criminal investigation being carried out by the Metropolitan Police?

Crime number 6029679/21

It’s for Gross Negligent Manslaughter and Misconduct in public office. Another 18 offences have also been cited including murder, fraud, GBH and multiple breaches of the human rights act and the Nuremberg Code.

If you would like to do a full breaking story on this I am in possession of the full irrefutable facts.

It’s the biggest story this last 100 years, maybe longer.

The allegations, the evidence and those implicated are massive.

This is a national emergency on the grandest of scales and as the leading news network in the world it is absolutely something you need to make the British public aware of and the rest of the world as is your duty.

I also have the full information into the application to The International Criminal Court in The Hague. This application reference OTP-CR-473/21 was acknowledged by The Hague on the 6th of December 2021.

I am one of the applicants and informants to both of these very serious matters.

Such is the seriousness and urgency to protect the public from harm I am happy to attend the BBC with all of the evidence to prove the above.

All Chief Constables are now aware as is Sadiq Khan Mayor and PCC of London.

A senior MP is also fully aware as of 9am this morning. I also have proof of this.

Two days before, on Wednesday 5 January, A Greater Britain posted an update on Sexton’s behalf:

“Today I submitted 1100 pages of evidence to Hammersmith CID. 2 excellent detectives accepted and signed for the paperwork. They confirmed the crime report is now significant and very lengthy. A number of other world experts have added their details and support and again they were acknowledged by The Met Police.”

Sexton continued: “Mark Steele provided a massive amount of evidence relating to the damage the v is causing. The Superintendent acknowledged Mark’s submission.”

On Friday Mark Steele posted a video update on Telegram:

“ACTION TIME IS NOW Here is the science link:   You can provide this to your Police and Directors of public health and media. The crime ref. number is 6029679/21”


Sexton’s update of 5 January 2021 continued:

“Michael O Bernicia and his team have added their weight and support to this criminal investigation. The evidence they possess is vast and significant with regards to Midazolam and the deaths/murders attributed to this drug. Michael has emailed The Met directly outlining the evidence they have and of the legal team he is working with. This is on the understanding his involvement in this investigation does not compromise the PCP he submitted to the courts on the 21/12/21.”

“We must get this criminal investigation into the public domain as soon as possible and the ICC application. We need to be messaging the BBC and Sky News in the thousands to force their hand and air this to the masses, put pressure on the Police, stop the v and arrest those responsible ASAP.

“Despite our best efforts Sadiq Khan has not replied to the emails or returned our phone calls as promised by his office.

“To email the BBC and Sky and make them aware of the criminal investigation, crime number 6029679/21 and the ICC application reference OTP-CR-473/21   They have a WhatsApp Tel number also 07756 165803.”

As the image above may not be easily readable, attached below is a copy (pdf format) of Mark Sexton’s full update 5 January 2022.

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19 days ago

Maybe the beeb would be more receptive to the idea if everyone suddenly stopped paying their TV licence.

dave hazel
dave hazel
Reply to  Aaron
19 days ago

what’s a tv licence?

Lionel Azulay
Lionel Azulay
Reply to  dave hazel
19 days ago

It’s something you pay a lot of hard earned money for to be brainwashed by false statistics and biased news which they feed you on behalf of their influential funders…not to mention the repeats!

A Person
A Person
Reply to  Lionel Azulay
19 days ago

Wow, UK are still doing that? Amazing…

Reply to  dave hazel
19 days ago

It’s a UK thing, a kind of tax.

Lionel Azulay
Lionel Azulay
Reply to  Aaron
19 days ago

Or advised them that all parties complicit in the crime are also implicated, therefore likely to also receive very long prison sentences. That might motivate them…

Lionel Azulay
Lionel Azulay
19 days ago

Keep up this marvellous work, everyone…! And thank you on behalf of those of us not in a position to do this sort of thing, and of course, our children.

Christopher Knobb
Christopher Knobb
17 days ago

Anyone that pays their license fee these days are crazy

8 days ago


8 days ago

wish this would happen in Canada

Kicked IntheHead
Kicked IntheHead
5 days ago

You’re a nutter